Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2008 STPM Results

Kok Jun Lum scored 5As in the STPM. He scored excellently in Pengajian Am, Accounts, Matematik T, Physics and Chemistry. When the results were released yesterday, Jun Lum was swarmed and congratulated by his friends. Immediately after that, he walked to the teachers, shook their hands and uttered the words many teachers would like to hear from their students each time results were out - "Thank you, teachers."
Principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee, who went around congratulating the students, said he was pleased and satisfied with the students' achievement. He said many students who succeeded in getting good results were actively involved in co-curricular activities. He dispelled the notion that these activities disrupt studies. "Jun Lum was the band leader when he was in Form Five. He got 9As in his SPM. Today, he scored 5As".

Mr Karunagaran, Form Six moderator, was one happy man yesterday. His coaching style, his no-nonsense attitude and his sharp focus towards his students brought forth sweet results. To all Sixth Form teachers, your hardwork had truly made all of you "a league of your own".

St Michael's produced four students who got 4As. They are:

Chan Guan Yee, Chin Wei Sheng , Tham Wai Lup and Jaw Ke Yun. Other who deserve to be mentioned are Lim Soon Li, Choo Yuh Luan, Lam Ming Chuan and Yong Queen Ni who scored 3As and 1A-. Percentage passes is 95.83%. The breakdown passes for Science is 99.15% and Arts, 90.67%. Thank you, Mr Karu for the information.

From St Michael's, BOG, PTA and OMA, our congratulations.

Look here! Matthew and his friend sacrificing their time to dispense university pin numbers for potential university entrants. Bravo!


harrneak said...

Special thanks to all teachers who worked hard in coaching their students to do well in STPM. Congrats to all students for producing good results and all the best on your future undertakings. Best of Luck.

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

Congrats to jun lum... he was only a junior when I was still with the school band.. Time flies.. Good job to Jum Lum for keeping the green flag flying high. To the teachers, I kowtow to your dedication and hardwork, coz no amount of words could describe the sacrifices made by these wonderful teachers, and not to mention, the students themselves.

Wong Weng Yew
Class of USS3 2001


Actually I think Matthews and his friend weren't really sacrificing their time,but they were rather letting their time be sacrificed[If you get what I mean]..haha..Wasn't that the idea?But seriously even though you get to skip class with a "license",it's no easy job they're doing..