Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Own Personalised Old Michaelian Tie

We are thankful that Master Timothy Chee still possesses the artistic, innate and creative touch. He has responded to our calls for our very own old Michaelian tie which we can wear to our places of work. It's an identity, our great pride, a reminder, a sense of loyalty, remembering our roots or anything you call it, we are sure we will have that great feeling each time it is worn. Thank you, Master Timothy for your intense and deep love for St Michael's.
The design will be forwarded to the Old Michaelians Association president Mr Adrian Tsen and his committee members for suggestions on the aspects of production and retailing.


kenwooi said...

simple and nice =)

jalenoes said...

Want to see more of the design please.

Jared said...

I'm going to b honest here. I think the designs could be much better. Of course it is important to keep it simple and nice. But this design somehow does not look appealing. The fonts used for the words, SMI, makes the tie looking more like another student's tie.

Perhaps an actual prototype for a closer look?

Meng said...

I want it!