Friday, March 20, 2009

A Visit To St George's Institution, Taiping.

caption: A tour of SGI Taiping with members of the RLEC.

The committee members of Regional Lasallian Education Council were at SGI, Taiping for yet another fruitful meeting. We were at St Anthony's, Teluk Intan last month and two weeks ago, Brother Vincent, Brother Matthew, Mr Harneak and I were at SGI, Taiping. A meeting was held at the OGA office, a stone's throw away from the school and later we adjourned for a dinner at the Meridian Hotel restaurant. Thanks to the old boys for their company and fellowship. The next RLEC meeeting will be in Ipoh on April 14, 2009.
The purpose of RLEC is to effectively facilitate formal and non-formal Lasallian education that promotes human and spiritual development of the person in a multi-faith society particularly the poor and the disadvantaged.
RLEC seeks to promote -1. Holistic education for youth, especially the poor and the disadvantaged.2. The development of a Lasallian spirituality open to all faiths, for a truly inclusive Malaysian society.3. Universal human rights and social justice.4. A sense of community in all Lasallian works – “together and by association”.

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