Monday, April 06, 2009

Form Two Prefects Installed

There were two things for the prefects which made the occasion special.

First, it was their investiture day. It was carried out infront of their teachers and friends at the basketball court, overlooking the majestic school building. After receiving their badges, the thirty nine prefects pledged their oath of office with renewed spirit and vigour.
"We, who have been chosen to become Prefects of St Michael's Institution IPOH, undertake to perform our duties with responsibility, fairness and loyalty.
We will reflect at all times, by leadership and example, the values and standards of the school.We will enforce school rules and codes of behaviour in all students. We will endeavour to show compassion and leadership to students to meet the School's values and expectations. We will encourage students to respect and understand the history and traditions of the School".

Second, the event stood out historically as the installation was carried out by an old boy of St Michael's, who is also the Head Boy and Michaelian of The Year in 1969. We are indeed honoured to have the presence of Mr Adrian Tsen, a greatly-respected figure in the corporate world, to be our guest of honour to give out the badges to the young leaders. They were certainly inspired and encouraged by the achievements and accolades of the current president of the Old Michaelians Association.
We will continue to identify and welcome home prominent Michaelians to the alma mater to share their rich and invaluable experiences with us. And thank you for the three ever loyal and faithful Michaelians who also came that day - Mr Yong Sin Wah, Mr Harneak Singh and Mr Anthony Lourdes.
Principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee expressed his appreciation to Mr Adrian Tsen for gracing the occasion and made the event a memorable and meaningful one for the prefects.

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