Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This picture was taken five years ago. Prefectorial Board of Form Two prefects. They have grown up and now studying locally and in many parts of the world. Feel free to say hello to your teachers who are still here in St Michael's and perhaps drop a line to say what you are doing now. Words can inspire one another.


AOCY said...

Hello mr khiew. I was in the picture. We were in form 2 at that time in 2003. So it can't be five years ago. It was six years infact.

I'm currently teaching at the st. john's kindergarten as a kindergarten teacher and working as a office boy. Will be heading off to university sometime in july or august.

To all Michaelians, especially those who are still in school, do treasure your schooling life because it's the ONLY time where you really meet true friends. Live up the Michaelian spirit no matter where you go. Viva Michaelians!

Aaron Oo
LSS4/USS4 (2007/2008)
4sc1/5sc1 (2005/2006)
1A5 - 3A5 (2002-2004)

pravin said...

Hello Mr Peter Khiew,

I think the Michaelian Prefectorial Board needs a special mention on your blog. The Board has been a pillar for the Michaelian institution and has been generating leaders with profound thoughts and opionated individuals. Browsing through your blog, I was unable to find anything in relation with the Prefectorial Board. It would be nice to know their activities and appreciate them for all their hardwork.

During my schooling years (f4 and f5 2005-2006), I was a prefect and most of the time, we were the one facing the brunt of all parties (students and teachers). At times, we face being physically attacked and verbally abused by students. Hence, being a prefect in an all-boy school is not an easy task, I believe these prefects (esp. the current board) should be applauded for their attempts and courage to deter discipline problems in school. Hope to see a post on the 2008/2009 Michaelian Prefectorial Board! Thank You Mr Peter Khiew!

Once a Michaelian, Always a Michaelian!

Quis Ut Deus!

Peter Khiew said...

Over to you,prefects, esp the Exco. I fully agree with Pravin about a mention of the Prefectorial Board here. The latest picture of them or perhaps something to that effect. Once I receive the article and the shots, they will be posted. Thank you, Pravin.

pravin said...

Thank you for your kind consideration Mr Peter Khiew.

By the way, kudos to you for keeping us (the old Michaelians) very informed about our dearest Alma Mater. Thanks!

We truly appreciate the time you spent writing the articles and providing information to us. Thanks, once again!