Saturday, April 11, 2009

St Michael's 82nd. Sports Day

What a day it was, filled with grandeur and mood of festivities. Members of the Michaelian Military Band and all the classes marched proudly with their antics and styles, amusing the many parents and guests who turned up to watch the annual event. Themed, "Upholding the Great Michaelian Ethos", the guest of honour was an old boy and ex-Olympian Mr Asir Victor.



Ivan Tan said...

The photos taken was nice and amazing. I wonder who snap those photos...

Peter Khiew said...

The blog administrator took all the shots. Appreciate your compliment and do visit the blog often. There are more reports forth-coming.

harrneak said...

Met Mr Asir Victor this morning. Asked him how he felt about attending our sports day. He was touched and told that he felt so honoured to return to school especially on Sports Day as Guest of Honour. He is proud being a Michaelian and also cherishes the honour given to him by the school.

Well done to the Organisers and all involved in making this sports day another success.

Michaelians, towards 2012.

Harneak Singh

kenwooi said...

Good pictures. But why the school band members weren't in their formal attire? That's weird.

Wei Ken, 5Sc1 2005
Ex Band Member

waikeong said...

currently the band is lack of old uniforms. We'll be having new design very soon. =)