Monday, May 18, 2009

En Badrul, SMI office assistant. See What he Found.

While carrying out spring cleaning in the office, En Badrul came across a stack of old books which he thought could be outdated. Covered by a very thick layer of dust, he wanted to discard the items as they could also be infested with termites.
Taking the "books" out carefully as not to dirty the nearby furniture, a piece of paper jutted out from one of the "books". Upon closer scrutiny, En Badrul was shocked to discover that the piece of paper was actually a photograph of the SMI Primary school during construction! Meaning it was well over five decades!
The "old, outdated books" were actually photo albums - all in all a total of 14 photo albums. They appeared exactly the time when we are setting up the Michaelian Heritage Gallery.

Old, black and white photographs of Thomas Cuppers bringing home the Thomas Cup and a structure built to raise the prestigious trophy for Ipoh folks to appreciate were among the photographs found.

Thank you, En Badrul for the great discovery.


LX Manmathan said...

A fantastic and a more valuable than gold treasure had been found. A salute from the Michaelians to En. Badrul. It looks like from now on, before disposing anything from the school, it must be checked fully before being discard.

Peter Khiew said...

En Badrul, who has been here for the past 12 years, is equally excited to discover the items. Yesterday, we announced to the afternoon boys about the gallery. I am sure the morning boys will be informed soon about it. The setting up of the gallery is long overdue and this achievement is attributed to all Michaelians as a whole.
Thank you LX Manmathan

kenwooi said...

nice =)

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

May I konw where is the heritage room located?