Friday, May 29, 2009

Light In the Darkness - 02 Kinta

Above is the theme for Kinta 2 Fourth Former gathering to be held tomorrow Saturday starting 8am.
The boys are doing a great job. As at press time, they are still busy working to complete the mangrove tower. Of all the structures the scouts had constructed over the decades, the one made this year could be the biggest, the strongest and demanded more efforts and team work. Congratulations to the boys, particularly patrol leader Master Stephen Liew and his team of exco for such tremendous leadership.

This is the type of "knot" that keeps Michaelians strong and united!

The scouts that shout victory! "Upholding The Great Michaelian Ethos". We wish them success.


harrneak said...

Mr Peter,

I happen to passby the school a few times on that very saturday. I could not belive my eye- "THE SCHOOL GATE WAS CLOSE FROM MORNING TILL LATE NIGHT". That very evening,i drop by at the entrance to enquire the reason. I note there were 2 - 3 scouts maning the gate, sitting with a book taking down names of people entering the school compound. The main gate was entirely secured by them. Looks like the entire security at the school compound falls on the Scouts. I felt so proud of them for being such responsible people. I am sure they will grow up and be model citizens, making St Michael's proud of them.

I hope the security personal employed can emulate the scouts.

Good job 02.

Harneak Singh

n_Drew said...
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