Saturday, May 23, 2009

May 13, 2009 (2.45pm) In The Gallery

The repaired cabinets and tables. We are giving the decades old antique cabinet a coat of black paint, restoring its former glory. When it was discovered inside the store room, it looked worn out, dull and faint. After two days of repair work carried out, we are excited to see how glorious it is. Look at the wooden table. It has also undergone a major repair.

The prestigious Nicet-Joseph Medal for most outstanding students. The award was discontinued in 1985. Why?
Many other boards, among others, detailing the head boys, outstanding sportsmen and meritorious former teachers were found at a dark corner on the mezzanine floor in the arts room. Why are these items forgotten and placed there to rot? Why are these not updated? The solution: It is going to be an uphill task to get the information needed to fill up the blanks. We will be enlisting Brother Vincent's help on this.

Profile: Frére Nicet-Joseph, Pierre-Paul Loubet
Born: 1898
Superior: 1956 - 1966
Died September 25, 1999

From the Office of Brother Superior General, Rome.

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harrneak said...

Noticed a wooden door has replaced the broken glass door at the Heritage Room. Good job Mr Peter. St Michael's is proud to have you.