Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Michaelian Heritage Gallery

St Michael's is currently embarking on an ambitious and worthwhile project- that is to set up a gallery to showcase the Lasallian and Michaelian heritage. Besides capturing the rich and invaluable history of St Michael's, the gallery serves instrumentally to highlight the extraordinary works of the Lasallian brothers.
With the centennial celebrations of St Michael's scheduled for 2012, old boys, students, teachers and researchers would gladly welcome the setting up of the gallery as a prelude to know things we hold dear to our hearts.
The gallery would definitely help students create a sense of identity and allowing them to know the various factors that have helped shape St Michael's to what it is today.
This initiative is again reflected by our theme. "Upholding The Great Michaelian Ethos".

Stage One
The committee, had for the past weeks, scoured and rummaged through store rooms, abandoned corners of the school, basement area under the stage and arts room. We found some discarded but still in good condition glass cabinets in one of the store rooms.
After getting approval from the school authorities, we went ahead with our plans.

February 2, 2009 was a day we spotted the cabinets. A week before that, we carted some 30 old, broken trophies and shields from the basement. It was a pathetic sight to see so many relics, some as old as 60 years old were left unattended there. They, of course, deserve a better place. We plan to fix up those damaged items and then get some boys to polish the priceless items.
Slowly but surely, we are having a great start. It was a challenge for me and Mr Lawrence to get things going but the strong support from the principal in granting the room for the Michaelian Heritage Gallery is to be commended.
Below are some images from day one, before the items were taken to the gallery.

More reports, more pictures and more excitement as we progress. Keep tuned!

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harrneak said...

Mr Peter, thank you for getting the project moving. I am sure you and Mr Lawrance has spent many valuable hours in your search for valuable items at every nook of the school. Mr Phoon has also been very supportive of this project.

Keep up the good work. Let me know if i can be of any assistance.

Harneak Singh