Friday, May 15, 2009

Scholarship For Michaelians- That's Great!

An e-mail from our old boy and current Parent-Teacher Association chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee.

Dear Peter,
I received the e-mail copied below from a schoolmate who is lecturing in City Un, HK. I believe that your blog is visited by old boys. Hope that you can post it in your blog. Maybe some of the old boys, especially those who have finished their STPM recently, may be interested.
I have also given Mr Phoon a copy. Have anyone interested e-mail me with his CV and I will forward to my friend in HK.
The e-mail is self explanatory.
Thank you.
Joseph Michael

Hi Joe,
My dept. (Dept. of Accountancy, City University of Hong Kong) has available scholarships (max. of 5) of up to HK$80,000 per annum for international students to pursue the 3-yrs under-grad prog in accountancy for this Sept. 2009 intake.

This should cover the full tuition fees and the scholarship is renewable subject to students maintaining certain GPA, etc. Do you think if the SMI teachers or even the SMI PTA will be interested to nominate some deserving students for our consideration? This will be a good opportunity for those students with good STPM results who did not get a place in the local U. and also missed out on local private ones or overseas due to financial reasons. Of course, the students still need to take care of the living expenses (est. HK$40k per annum) but this should not be that much higher than living in KL.
We are looking for students with outstanding academic achievements (students with at least 2 Bs can be considered if they have good potential).

Financial need and performance during selection interview will be taken into consideration while outstanding achievement in extra-curricular activities will be an advantage. The min. entrance requirements for admission to CityU will be 3 passes (no lower than C) in the STPM and a D or above for Maths. ("O" level equivalent, ie. SPM, right?).
Will you or someone from SMI be interested in pursuing this further? If yes, please be the liaison person or recommend someone to follow-up on this with me. If we do have nominees (say, min. of 7 or so), we can arrange to come down to Ipoh for either half-day or full-day as necessary for the selection interview (tentatively) in the last week of May. Also, please give me your contact#. Sorry for such short notice as I was informed about this scholarship only late last week and just confirmed the details today after proposing to my dept. to invite nominations from Ipoh. Below are some links of interest.
CityU HK -
College of business (triple accreditation) -
my dept -
info. for international students -
cost of studying for international students - HK$80k per annum and living expenses (est.) HK$40k per annum)
Pek Yee

NOTE: Michaelians interested in the offer can e-mail Mr Joseph Michael at Thank you, Mr Lee.

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