Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thank You Madam Yau

From the comment page:
Catherine Yau said... This pic brings back memories of my dad's great years in SMI. Picture 1969 - Top, 6th from the left and Picture 1982 - Top, 8th from the left... Thomas Yau Yet Sau. I am proud to say that my son, Leong Jyi Jian, is the 4th generation in this great school.

Thank you, Madam for visiting us. St Michael's is proud to have Leong Jyi Jian with us. He is such an outstanding boy, always pays attention in class. Two months ago, he came to me and asked, "Sir, my parents asked whether you would like to have some old magazines left behind by my grandfather?". I answered," Of course, so nice and thoughtful of your parents".

For two consecutive days, he lugged along a big bag containing old magazines belonging to Master Thomas Yau, a judo exponent and a teacher remembered by Brother Vincent as "an outstanding figure".
Managed to snap a shot of Leong. Thank you Madam Yau for your thoughts. The old but priceless magazines have earned their place in our gallery.


christinewong26 said...

wow.my cousin's in mr khiew's blog.
hehe. I'm very proud that my grandfather's old school magazines as well as his judo magazines are being treasured :) and i'm glad to be part of a michaelian as I've just enrolled into the Lower Six Form.

Peter Khiew said...

Congratulations for being a member of the Lasallian and Michaelian fraternity. We are certain and reckon that you are going to enjoy every minute of your time here at St Michael's.
Welcome aboard!