Monday, June 29, 2009

Details for Preliminary Round

Calling all old boys, come in full force! Mr Harneak, invite your buddies. After the event, we proceed to the shop infront of Ipoh Padang for either rojak or Kopitiam. 


Date: 1st July 2009

Time : 9.00 am *please come earlier*

Venue : Basketball Court.


SMI Old Boys said...

Good luck boys...Do well and move to the next round...

Peter Khiew said...

The boys are preparing themselves mentally now. They are already strong physically. We have made plans to be at the Perak Stadium come final, perhaps by late July 2009.

kenwooi said...

all the best! =)

Derek, MJ Chai said...

Couldn't come for the Preliminary round! Cause I was having a meeting session during that time. But afraid not, you guys do have my support in the Finals @ Perak Stadium. But Mr. Khiew, do let me know the details of the finals alrite! Thank you! Michaelians Boleh!

Peter Khiew said...

Sure Derek. The pictures during the preliminary round will be posted soon. The guys were doing great. Some of the parents were there to cheer them on. The MMB members performed splendidly and the judges looked impressed. We had about 200 supporters that morning. The final is scheduled for 24 July 2009 at 8.00pm. Venue: Stadium Perak. Be there!

Derek, MJ Chai said...

Really good to hear that the MMB performed splendidly and was impressed by the Judges. Good Work & Keep it up!

Well, thanks for the details Mr. Khiew. Till then, i'll see you there @ the Finals on 24th July.

Henry Yew said...

I may not have the time to return to Ipoh to give the MMB my support. Nevertheless, I wish them all the best!

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