Friday, July 31, 2009

Ensuring An Evening of Pure Entertainment

Teacher-in-charge of special effect (a newly created post) Mr Lawrence acquiring LED lightings from an electronic shop in Jalan Pasir Puteh for lanterns in preparations for full dress rehearsal on Aug 1, 2009, parents' night the following Saturday and public performances on 14, 15 and 16 Aug 2009. Lantern stands at the school foyer and inside the hall have been put up, and yes, the evenings will be full of glitters and those present will be transported to the amazing era of the Tang Dynasty.
All details have been ironed out and everyone is looking forward to the SHOW!
For booking, email: or call 017-9172773 during office hours.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Way To Go Michaelians!!

Pictures tell a thousand words again! St Michael's very own Michaelian Military Band captured the limelight at the Perak School Band Competition 2009 when it emerged first runner-up, still a coveted and prestigious honour as we were able to beat five other teams from the state. Prior to the final leg, St Michael's bandsmen were able to qualify themselves by thrashing more than eight other schools to eventually impress the judges for a place in the finals.

It was on Friday's evening (24 July 2009) that hundreds of faithful and highly-spirited Michaelians (old and present) virtually rocked the Perak Stadium with their thunderous cheers and shouts of "SMI,SMI", "GREEN & WHITE" and the powerful singing of the SCHOOL RALLY.

Eye-catching banners were hung proudly at the terrace, with our boys turning up at the stadium with green shirts, caps and various apparels. Looking at the huge turnouts, which also included parents, I must put on record here a big thank you. It was a sight filled with great pride and honour.

As we congratulate Sam Tet for being first and Nan Hwa third, St Michael's went home that evening with a contented heart. Why? Because we had fought valiantly until the end.
Big bows to the boys and well done.

From a strong supporter,
Peter Khiew

Thank you old Michaelian Lee Kam Wah for the video.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Press Preview & Who's Who

A Chinese Play From The Era of The Tang Dynasty, with Excellent Display of Chinese Costumes, Props. Live Music and Captivating Hand-Drawn Scenery. Pressmen from the Star, NST (Thanks Diana Yeoh), Sin Chew, Nanyang and Ipoh Echo (Thanks James Gough) turned up yesterday to cover the preview of the play, "The Warlord Of Terror".
The publicity unit is also pleased to announce that support from the media has been very strong all these years in portraying St Michael's continuous excellence in its drama legacy.

We also wish to put on record our gratitude to both OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen and PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee for their ever-strong, persistency and persuasive nature in generating funds through sponsors and benefactors for the alma mater.
A big thank you and our salute.

Our appreciation also to:
1. Michaelian Chee Il-Hann, Timothy Chee's son, who wrote the play script.
2. All committee members of BOG, PIBG and OMA
3. The administrators and all teachers in charge
4.Parents who responded generously to the school's plight via letters
5. Students who have bought tickets for the play
6. Past students (Old Michaelians who still return home to support the play)
7. Corporate bodies who responded in cash and kinds

Thumbs up to St Michael's principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee in carrying out his own method of campaigning. He goes from class to class, starting from the Form One students, telling them the rich history of SMI drama and the important role it has played since 1955. Students are also encouraged to come and support the play.

Yesterday, after its monthly meeting, the exco and the committee members of OMA chipped in RM500 for the drama fund.

"Michaelians Are Strongly Upholding The Great Michaelian Ethos".

Signing off,

Peter Khiew

Friday, July 17, 2009

Grab One Now!!

Today itself 10 tickets for RM50 each were sold. Teachers are asking one another for tickets as many have run out of Saturday RM20 tickets. Today, received another e-mail from an old Michaelian, Guo Zheng requesting for a RM100 ticket for Saturday. He is planning to persuade more pals to join him. Looks like this year's drama is going to be a sell-out and a hit!

The e-mail received:
Hello Mr. Khiew,

I would like to have one RM100 ticket for the Saturday (15th of August 2009) performance. I am confirming my attendance in advance. I shall return to Ipoh on Friday, 14th of August, and expect to arrive at night. For now, please book me a RM100 ticket for the Saturday (15th of August 2009) show. I shall persuade the other Michaelians in Kuala Lumpur to join me as well.
Note: An SMS came. Guo Zheng wanted another RM100 ticket.
Thank you Michaelians for the tremendous support. Remember I can be reached at:
(Reply within one working day)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drama Banners, Posters Are Up

Fourth formers Toh Wai Khong and Yeoh Kah Jun (on ladder) are busy putting up banners around the school today. They got to work just after class and after a quick meal at the food court, both got ready to work, tirelessly climbing up and down the ladder. This afternoon itself, they had covered the area around the staff room, stairways, foyer and the food court. Miss Fong herself has been staying back for more than a week, at times way after 4pm, to ensure that posters are up at strategic places.

Pleased to announce that the banners, bantings and posters have greatly succeeded in creating the atmosphere of the play. This Friday, pressmen are coming for a preview and with their writings, we believe another milestone will be created in making the play a tremendous success.
T-shirts, at RM20 each, are now on sale.

For details about the play, call 05-2540418 and get connected to St Michael's. We will be glad to help. Alternatively, email

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Good Shots and Welcome Aboard, Jio Lim (Class 1960)

Picture courtesy of Mr Jio Lim (Michaelian, class of 1960), now residing in London. The picture was taken in the library when he was in Upper Six (1962) when Jio was chairing a meeting as the president of the Literary and Debating Society.
That's a great shot, Lim. Many do not know that there was a painting on the wall in the library. We are going to document this and print it for the school archive/gallery. We are going to identify the exact spot where the painting was drawn and the reason it was "painted over".

Jio also sent us three shots of the 1960 classes which we really appreciate. We can see here Brother Pius and another Brother. Perhaps someone can enlighten us who is the other Brother. Michaelians of class 1960 and those who know of anyone here in these pictures, drop a line to let us know about your time and moments here at St Michael's.

Thank you for the shots, Jio Lim.

Form 5 B (1960)

Form 5C (1960)

Form 5A
By the way, last year Jio came to St Michael's for a visit and met up with Timothy Chee who took him round the school. He said he will "be back next year for our 50th year, mother of all reunion and hopefully we can meet up".
Thank you Jio and hope that you, family members and all your buddies can also join us in 2012 - Centennial Celebrations of SMI. We look forward to the great home-coming of all Michaelians!!
A Response From Jio Lim

Hi Peter,
Its Sunday and I still working on my homepage; I was showing my work to my wife and clicked on your blog and was surprised to see my pictures there! Of course you can use them and I hope the others likewise.
By the way, the other brother is Brother Patrick, a very likeable person and Brother Vincent should know all about him and of course the library. Bro. Vincent was the Form teacher then and the library was a great place to study well into the evening. I also have pictures of our judo hut but not sure where it is now; could not recognise it when Timothy showed me around.
By the way if anyone writes in in response to your blog, let me know as I want to make contact. Many thanks again and hope we can meet next year.
and for a detailed response from Harneak Singh, click the comment icon.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

To The Final We Go...

Mr Phoon, SMI principal, received a letter from the education department yesterday. Above is the letter which he said should be posted on the blog to inform all Michaelians far and near. He wishes the boys the best and today, during staff meeting, the school broke the good news to all teachers. Mr Liew Boon Ket, MMB adviser, was one happy man when he got the letter today.
Well done boys and see you at the Perak Stadium.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Some kung-fu stances performed by our boys. They practise hard just for the play. Bravo, boys. We salute you guys. Other shots taken of Master Timothy Chee preparing feverishly to ensure a play worth remembering and of course, leaves a strong impact for all who come.

The cast and crew threw a birthday party for the director last month. That gesture, which caught Master Timothy by surprise, made him a happy man.

A Note: Today I was approached by a boy. He wanted 10 tickets of RM20 each for Saturday show. Will get the tickets for him. I have with me now RM50 tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tickets are going fast. Be hurry!

Monday, July 06, 2009

The Warlord of Terror, SMI's 48th Play

Miss Fong Yin Pui, under the publicity unit, will mobilise a team of boys to look into the hanging up of posters. The school has ordered hundreds of colourful and eye-catching posters to create the mood and atmosphere.
It is less than two months, the "warlord" will give out his roar and that roar will envelope the whole school.
On the 17 July 2009, 3 pm, a press review will be held in the hall.
By the way, members of the KL Alumni will arrive in the morning on the first day of play, 14 August 2009. Programmes will be worked out by the school for them. They will stay back for the school play, which is directed by Timothy Chee.
Tickets are being sold now.
Get them before it is too late.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

MMB In Action. A Commendable Effort

A video clip for sharing and some shots to acknowledge the efforts of our boys. Students came out in droves to support. The principal, the PTA chairman, the old boys, parents and well-wishers turned up to cheer them on during the preliminary round.

All our best, boys.