Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Drama Banners, Posters Are Up

Fourth formers Toh Wai Khong and Yeoh Kah Jun (on ladder) are busy putting up banners around the school today. They got to work just after class and after a quick meal at the food court, both got ready to work, tirelessly climbing up and down the ladder. This afternoon itself, they had covered the area around the staff room, stairways, foyer and the food court. Miss Fong herself has been staying back for more than a week, at times way after 4pm, to ensure that posters are up at strategic places.

Pleased to announce that the banners, bantings and posters have greatly succeeded in creating the atmosphere of the play. This Friday, pressmen are coming for a preview and with their writings, we believe another milestone will be created in making the play a tremendous success.
T-shirts, at RM20 each, are now on sale.

For details about the play, call 05-2540418 and get connected to St Michael's. We will be glad to help. Alternatively, email

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