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Good Shots and Welcome Aboard, Jio Lim (Class 1960)

Picture courtesy of Mr Jio Lim (Michaelian, class of 1960), now residing in London. The picture was taken in the library when he was in Upper Six (1962) when Jio was chairing a meeting as the president of the Literary and Debating Society.
That's a great shot, Lim. Many do not know that there was a painting on the wall in the library. We are going to document this and print it for the school archive/gallery. We are going to identify the exact spot where the painting was drawn and the reason it was "painted over".

Jio also sent us three shots of the 1960 classes which we really appreciate. We can see here Brother Pius and another Brother. Perhaps someone can enlighten us who is the other Brother. Michaelians of class 1960 and those who know of anyone here in these pictures, drop a line to let us know about your time and moments here at St Michael's.

Thank you for the shots, Jio Lim.

Form 5 B (1960)

Form 5C (1960)

Form 5A
By the way, last year Jio came to St Michael's for a visit and met up with Timothy Chee who took him round the school. He said he will "be back next year for our 50th year, mother of all reunion and hopefully we can meet up".
Thank you Jio and hope that you, family members and all your buddies can also join us in 2012 - Centennial Celebrations of SMI. We look forward to the great home-coming of all Michaelians!!
A Response From Jio Lim

Hi Peter,
Its Sunday and I still working on my homepage; I was showing my work to my wife and clicked on your blog and was surprised to see my pictures there! Of course you can use them and I hope the others likewise.
By the way, the other brother is Brother Patrick, a very likeable person and Brother Vincent should know all about him and of course the library. Bro. Vincent was the Form teacher then and the library was a great place to study well into the evening. I also have pictures of our judo hut but not sure where it is now; could not recognise it when Timothy showed me around.
By the way if anyone writes in in response to your blog, let me know as I want to make contact. Many thanks again and hope we can meet next year.
and for a detailed response from Harneak Singh, click the comment icon.

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harrneak said...


This mural painting is the work of Rev Bro Joseph McNally, who was also responsible for the 2 beautiful sculptures in SMI – THE FALCON AND FALCONER and PATER FAMILAS. This mural was completed in 1958. It was the proudest possession of Marian Library. A special mention on “MAGNIFICAT” appeared in Michaelian 1959 yearly magazine of which the following extract describes the mural best:

“ The painting conveys a grand overall impression of mankind’s age-old struggle in the search of Truth, culminating in the appearance of Christ among men. In the general design, Christ is pictured at the head of the Philosophers of the different nations and civilizations, directing the attention of a group of boys towards eternal truth. The front line philosophers including three Greeks – Socrates, Plato and Aristotle; three Orientals – Buddha, Confucius and Lao Tse; and three Christians – St Paul (a Jew), St Augustine ( an African) and St Thomas Aquinas (an Italian). The range of thought suggested by these great names, is both wide and varied, but we may detect a certain unity, if not always in their ideals, at least in the loftiness and the general direction of their aspiration”

The mural was done at the library which occupied a space of 3 classrooms prior to it moving to the present site. It is a pity that the mural has to be removed later due to damages caused by humidity condition.

I must admit that this is the most clearest and beautiful photo of the mural I have seen so far. It’s just awesome.

I think Bro Vincent is the other Brother in the photo. Maybe he can confirm. Others in the photos (in no specific order) looks like Mr Chan Khin Seng, Mr Louis Liau, Mr Stephen Julianose??., & Lee Guan Khew???


Harneak Singh