Friday, July 17, 2009

Grab One Now!!

Today itself 10 tickets for RM50 each were sold. Teachers are asking one another for tickets as many have run out of Saturday RM20 tickets. Today, received another e-mail from an old Michaelian, Guo Zheng requesting for a RM100 ticket for Saturday. He is planning to persuade more pals to join him. Looks like this year's drama is going to be a sell-out and a hit!

The e-mail received:
Hello Mr. Khiew,

I would like to have one RM100 ticket for the Saturday (15th of August 2009) performance. I am confirming my attendance in advance. I shall return to Ipoh on Friday, 14th of August, and expect to arrive at night. For now, please book me a RM100 ticket for the Saturday (15th of August 2009) show. I shall persuade the other Michaelians in Kuala Lumpur to join me as well.
Note: An SMS came. Guo Zheng wanted another RM100 ticket.
Thank you Michaelians for the tremendous support. Remember I can be reached at:
(Reply within one working day)


Federick said...

Hello sir,your blog is really full of information about SMI.SMI future school leavers will need not worry of catching the latest news of SMI.There is one question i want to ask you,sir.I have seen a lot of photos which related to SMI, but i could hardly see sir,yourself's image.Could you send me some of the photos which include yourself in there like Mr.Louis's retire event,or others event?I just wanted to keep the photos as remembrance when i leave school later.If you don't mind ,could you send the photos to my e-mail address?

I would appreciate your help.Thank You.

Your sincerely,

Peter Khiew said...

Thank you Federick for dropping by the blog. We reckon that the best and most effective way to reach out the Michaelians, present and past, is through the electronic means, in this case, the blog. You can come over to see me anytime and we can have a picture taken, perhaps infront of the school building. That would be one excellent shot!

Federick said...

Oh..i hope so..but i could hardly catch a photo with you,sir since i am quite loaded with works.Oh,sir if you don't mind ,can you just send some photos of you to my e-mail address?Just that trying collect photos.I will try to contact you,sir if i am free.


Thank You