Saturday, July 18, 2009

Press Preview & Who's Who

A Chinese Play From The Era of The Tang Dynasty, with Excellent Display of Chinese Costumes, Props. Live Music and Captivating Hand-Drawn Scenery. Pressmen from the Star, NST (Thanks Diana Yeoh), Sin Chew, Nanyang and Ipoh Echo (Thanks James Gough) turned up yesterday to cover the preview of the play, "The Warlord Of Terror".
The publicity unit is also pleased to announce that support from the media has been very strong all these years in portraying St Michael's continuous excellence in its drama legacy.

We also wish to put on record our gratitude to both OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen and PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee for their ever-strong, persistency and persuasive nature in generating funds through sponsors and benefactors for the alma mater.
A big thank you and our salute.

Our appreciation also to:
1. Michaelian Chee Il-Hann, Timothy Chee's son, who wrote the play script.
2. All committee members of BOG, PIBG and OMA
3. The administrators and all teachers in charge
4.Parents who responded generously to the school's plight via letters
5. Students who have bought tickets for the play
6. Past students (Old Michaelians who still return home to support the play)
7. Corporate bodies who responded in cash and kinds

Thumbs up to St Michael's principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee in carrying out his own method of campaigning. He goes from class to class, starting from the Form One students, telling them the rich history of SMI drama and the important role it has played since 1955. Students are also encouraged to come and support the play.

Yesterday, after its monthly meeting, the exco and the committee members of OMA chipped in RM500 for the drama fund.

"Michaelians Are Strongly Upholding The Great Michaelian Ethos".

Signing off,

Peter Khiew


Henry Yew said...

Wow! What a refreshing change this year! I look forward to coming back to Ipoh on August and I am eager to see the outcome of the play!

All the very best!

Best regards,
Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
PETRONAS Twin Towers

breakfirst-joecheun said...

yor sir...
the first picture should take more big la haha...
try to take from the left to right la haha..but nvm as long as sir full of information about drama haha..

alvin ng
(ng joe cheun)
(4VT3 2009)
stagecrew in drama too 2009

geno said...

Totally agree with Henry...
keep the drama going....Really hope to be able to make it for the drama this year...
all the best

Geno Chang Fan Kit
5Sc4 Year 2005

michael said...

Peter, attached is a letter of appeal i have sent out. Hope that our appeal can reach more contributors through your blog.

21st July 2008

The Michaelian Community

Dear Sir,

Re: Annual Fund Raising-2009 Drama Production: “The Warlord of Terror”

Thank you for your past generosity towards St Michael’s. Every year St. Michael’s runs an appeal, usually for a specific building project. This year sees us with a changed economic environment and the School needs to be cautious in its commitments and spending. With this in mind our annual appeal will be directed towards an important educational initiative. This year we hope to upgrade our science laboratories.

We are asking for your support to help finance the refurbishment of the old science laboratories.

As you know, St Michael’s is fully committed to providing all students with access to quality teaching and learning and opportunities to participate in a range of sporting and cultural activities. Much of what we do to achieve this is, of course, due to the active support by our generous donors. All along, the tremendous work of the Board, the OMA, the Teachers and the Donors has been vital in assisting the PTA provide the kind of educational facilities and experience we want for our children. The enormous success of St Michael’s have been made possible through the generosity of the Michaelian community.

St. Michael’s is proud of its long history of excellence in education. Our outstanding academic, sporting and cultural program and exceptional results in both the SPM and STPM is a testament to our commitment to the achievement of continual improvement in the learning outcomes of Michaelians.

Your contribution will enable us to continue providing opportunities to all young Michaelians. The PTA, together with other stakeholders will strive to provide exemplary education with your support. We give opportunities to our young for they shape the future of our community. Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Please make cheques payable to: SMI DEVELOPMENT FUND

Yours sincerely

Lee Onn Hean Joseph Michael
Chairman, Parents & Teachers Association
SMK St. Michael’s