Monday, July 06, 2009

The Warlord of Terror, SMI's 48th Play

Miss Fong Yin Pui, under the publicity unit, will mobilise a team of boys to look into the hanging up of posters. The school has ordered hundreds of colourful and eye-catching posters to create the mood and atmosphere.
It is less than two months, the "warlord" will give out his roar and that roar will envelope the whole school.
On the 17 July 2009, 3 pm, a press review will be held in the hall.
By the way, members of the KL Alumni will arrive in the morning on the first day of play, 14 August 2009. Programmes will be worked out by the school for them. They will stay back for the school play, which is directed by Timothy Chee.
Tickets are being sold now.
Get them before it is too late.


Derek, MJ Chai said...

Mr. Khiew, How much is the tickets sold and is it possible that we call and confirmed for the tickets rather than emailing. Hope to hear from you soon on the tickets details. Thank you!

Peter Khiew said...

Oh yes. ticekts are sold at RM20 and RM50 each. I have with me RM50 tickets for Saturday and Sunday(hot day). This is going to be one exciting play. I will let all Michaelians know a new number. Meantime, come over to school after 1pm during school days and look for Mr Peter Khiew. The boys will take you to me. Glad that support is still very much alive and strong. Cheers!

Kin Tung said...

Looking forward for it.

Jefferychan said...

i'll be there ...
hopefully my friends in smi is able to get me saturday's ticket :)

kenwooi said...

great! i might be back to watch it! =)

Peter Khiew said...

Kin Tung, Jeffery and Kenwooi,
Our three old boys who are still very much in touch with the alma mater. Jeff and Ken are the strong force behind the maturity and development of MMB. The current boys are inspired and continue to draw strength because of the constant presence and support of their seniors. Kin Tung has been very faithful in supporting the school play. Previous posts have mentioned that he started his personal donation even when Mr Louis Rozario Doss was a principal. This spirit of generosity continues even during Mr Phoon's tenure as principal.
Thank you guys for the strong allegiance with St Michael's.
Old boys, come see me anytime and mention the days you want and we will get the tickets for you.

Henry Yew said...

I shall try to make arrangements and see if I could come back from KL to watch this school play. All the best, Michaelians!

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 2005)
PETRONAS Twin Towers