Saturday, July 25, 2009

Way To Go Michaelians!!

Pictures tell a thousand words again! St Michael's very own Michaelian Military Band captured the limelight at the Perak School Band Competition 2009 when it emerged first runner-up, still a coveted and prestigious honour as we were able to beat five other teams from the state. Prior to the final leg, St Michael's bandsmen were able to qualify themselves by thrashing more than eight other schools to eventually impress the judges for a place in the finals.

It was on Friday's evening (24 July 2009) that hundreds of faithful and highly-spirited Michaelians (old and present) virtually rocked the Perak Stadium with their thunderous cheers and shouts of "SMI,SMI", "GREEN & WHITE" and the powerful singing of the SCHOOL RALLY.

Eye-catching banners were hung proudly at the terrace, with our boys turning up at the stadium with green shirts, caps and various apparels. Looking at the huge turnouts, which also included parents, I must put on record here a big thank you. It was a sight filled with great pride and honour.

As we congratulate Sam Tet for being first and Nan Hwa third, St Michael's went home that evening with a contented heart. Why? Because we had fought valiantly until the end.
Big bows to the boys and well done.

From a strong supporter,
Peter Khiew

Thank you old Michaelian Lee Kam Wah for the video.


waikeong said...

Jefferychan said...

Indeed .. it wasn't a waste for me to be back =)
Congrats, michaelians

Guess the nez time i'll be back would be for the school play .. Looking forward to that XD

Kam Wah said...

Sir, please put these 2 videos of the school band in action during the competition in your blog so that Michaelians of the past and present can watch them proudly..


Derek, MJ Chai said...

Good Job guys! Yesterday showcase was very interesting. Keep it up!

breakfirst-joecheun said...

hahaha.... we are the michaelian should work togather,sing togather,shout togather.we dunwan this thing drop.we should carry our spirit to any competition,event,concert.
so the showcase haha...we sing togather wow...hey,hey hey..haha
our shouting and singing are cover the whole stadium's was good yeah...

alvin ng
4vt3 2009

kenwooi said...


LX Manmathan said...

I was there at stadium. The Michaelian Military Band was the BEST!!! I'm proud of you guys. I'm also proud of the present and former students (boys and girls) and teachers who was there to show the support. This is what we call Michaelian Spirit!!! When our school marched with full of Michaelian Spirit into the field the stadium was filled with the roaring of all the Michalians and the cheers became more energetic when they started to perform. The Spirit which Mr. Louis have sowed in us will live on and we will pass this on to the present and future generation. My salute to the band also for playing the School Rally after the results was announced,and also salute to the Michaelian there who sang the School Rally when the band marched into the field and after they performed and also after the results was announced. You have shown that you all are the true Michaelian and all of you will deserve the honour to be called Michaelian. St. michael will guide you all to the path of success. 'When Green and White Unite, Legends are Born!!!'-Alexandar-

Henry Yew said...

Well done Michaelians in the Michaelian Military Band! It must have been a tough fight but I sure am proud that you have all made it through the finals and actually secured the first runner-up placing! Do not be disheartened by the victory of Sam Tet. In fact, take this as an encouragement to learn and better yourselves in the future.

Nevertheless, Mr. Khiew, while lots of support and emphasis have been given to the Michaelian Military Band, it seems to me that the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra has not been able to make much good progress. Being an old MCO member myself, it is quite a shame that while the MMB is doing remarkably well in competitions and so on, the MCO has been lagging behind almost all the time.

I'll write to you about my concerns in a separate e-mail. I hope that not only will the MMB excel in greater heights in the near future, but I also hope that the MCO can enjoy its moments of glory as well. As a musician myself, I have great support of the musical arts, whichever team it may be.

Keep it up Michaelians!

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
Structural Section
PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
PETRONAS Twin Towers

Shuuya-kun said...

I'm glad that I was there to see the former and present Michaelians. Such an awesome Michaelian spirit showed by Michaelians.

Reminds me so much about the
school days when we stood with the head up high and sing school rally.

Looking forward for the school play!

Muhd Shafwan
5sc4 [2008]

breakfirst-joecheun said...

HENRY YEW........
i am in mco also..
so next year if school are allow we do that are correct then we will try to make mco to sucess it..

alvin ng
4VT3 2009..
nice to meet you with new friend..