Monday, August 24, 2009

Bee Hive At SMI Exterminated!

Spot the beehive...

A very big beehive, colonised by some 500 bees, was exterminated by workers from the Ipoh City Council.
The hive, grew from a size of a fist to twice the size of two footballs, in just hours. Feeling alarmed by the number of bees hovering around the school car park, teachers alerted the authorities. Two workers, equipped with a long stick, a container of kerosene and a long stick, went to work. Within minutes, the whole hive was burnt to ashes. Perished together were the bees.The trees within the car park compound, noticeably, attract colonies of bees.
Over the years, bees would stop at the branches for a rest before continuing their journey the day after. The problem is that some stray bees, sometimes by the dozens, pose great danger to schoolchildren and parents nearby. That's when actions have to be taken!