Sunday, August 16, 2009

Do You Recognise Him?

You must be wondering why he appears on the blog today. He is one capable guy I have noticed since the day he walked into the main hall for the drama audition. He was picked by the director Timothy Chee to play the role of one of the "followers" of The Warlord of Terror.
Master Tan Yew Chuan, a Lower Six student, is not only skillful in wushu.
He is equally superb in modern dance. You can see him perform tonight on the final evening of the school drama.
Tan Yew Chuan was in the limelight when he performed during the Inter-School Band competition under the colour guard category.
We wish him the best in his study and are proud to have him with us at St Michael's.

Note: The one on the left is Tan Yew Chuan.


SJ said...

yeah i do recognise him! i first saw him during the smi fourth former scouts gathering in the afternoon where we, the scouts and guides from other schools were put in classes. we're allowed to practise (eg dance) for competitions which held later in the evening that day. he was with yen chiew. they came to see us (main convent) when my friends were practising. he asked my friend who was dancing indian dance to teach him a few steps and i could see that he's indeed a fast learner! =)

kenwooi said...

ahh.. now we know him.. =)

Kin Tung said...

Yew Chuan is a focused dancer to be and get in to the groove of the music.
He deserves two thumbs up!


Derek, MJ Chai said...

Is he the "Tung Hua" couple that dances in the State Level Band Competition? Well, he is one hell of a dancer.. Well done!

Quis Ut Deus

Peter Khiew said...

That's right. He was the one who performed that extraordinary dance during the band competition.
Thank you, SJ, Ken, Kin Tung and Derek for dropping by.

Wai Keong said...

He made a difference in MMB 2009 show. In behalf of the Michaelian Military Band, I would like to thank him and all the Guards.

Tan Tihn Chern said...