Sunday, August 09, 2009

Mr Louis Rozario Doss Is Coming To SMI

Newsbreak! Mr Louis is coming to SMI on Monday, 10 Aug 2009 at around 4pm. He will be presenting the "LOUIS ROZARIO DOSS" Challenge Trophies to the winners of the Inter-class Football Competition (Form One & Form Two).
Michaelians have long missed his inspiring words of encouragement. Students from the morning session can stay back to meet up with Mr Louis. Pass the word around.
For details, contact En Zulkarnain Daud.


kenwooi said...

Great! I believe that a better picture of Mr. Louis can be uploaded.. haha.. =D

Henry Yew said...

It's great to see that the inter-class football tradition has been revived with even more excitement. My uncle, an old Michaelian who graduated Form 6 in around 1984, remembers fondly of the days when he and his friends would be excited about the inter-class football tournament which was held after examinations. He recalls clearly of the day when the late Mr. David Teh came to school on a Saturday just to support my uncle and his classmates in the finals of the inter-class football tournament.

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
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LX Manmathan said...

Well it will be better if it was announced during the morning assembly, so that many students know about it. I hope, in the future, please do an announcement in the morning assembly.