Sunday, August 09, 2009

Top In The Country!

Hats off to Eddy Chow Mun Tik (above) of Upper Six for bringing glory and fame to our alma mater. He was awarded a gold medal for the highest score among all the participants in the whole of Malaysia under the Upper Six level in the prestigious International Science Competition & Assessment For Schools 2009 organised by the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Out of 198 Michaelians who sat for the test on May 12, 2009, Eddy Chow Mun Tik, Tan Wing (Form 4) and Kenneth Mano (Form 2) scored High Distinction while 18 others proudly received their distinctions. They are Lee Koy Yew and Yap Voon Chuan (U6), N. Sanjeevi and Tan Kian (F5), Teoh Jia Heng and Noel Anthony Mano (F4), Chuah Kai Jian, Wong Khai Jian and Sean William Howell (F3), Satish Varma, Brandon Chee, Kevin Mano, Goh Yong Qian(F2) and Aw Jia Hang, Edward Kwan, Saw Ray Mond, Tan Wei Shern and Loh Yap Kuen( F1).

The internationally-acclaimed test, which is conducted across Australia and 12 others countries like Singapore, Brunei and New Zealand, provides extensive independent evaluation of students' skills, knowledge and understanding in core learning area.

Report submitted by Mrs Yee Chee Yoong, Head, Science and Maths Dept.

From the editorial:
We congratulate Mrs Yee and teachers from the SMI Science department for the outstanding and shining accolade. It definitely reflects and upholds the great Michaelian ethos. Well done!


kenwooi said...

Well done! Keep it up Michaelians! =)

harrneak said...

Congratulations to all.



Aaron Oo said...

Mr Khiew, can you double check the name of one upper six boy? If I'm not wrong, it's supposed to be lee koy yew and not lee koy joe. Thanks again.

Peter Khiew said...

Thank you Aaron. Corrected!

somash said...

Well done juniors..I am very proud of all of you..Keep up the good work and stayy motivated always... All hail the mighty GREEN and WHITE!!

Immortalizing Every Split Second said...

wow. a michaelian is awarded the gold medal. great! good for the school! best wishes!

Henry Yew said...

Bravo and keep up the good work, Michaelians!

To Mrs. Yee and the staff of the Science department, you have my heartiest thanks and appreciation. Congratulations!

Yew Guo Zheng
(Form 5Sc1 Year 2005)
PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. Bhd.
Tower 1, PETRONAS Twin Towers

LX Manmathan said...

Congrats!!!!...Keep it up!!!!!

Young said...

Woah, Eddy Chow bagged the Gold Medal? As a former classmate of Eddy, I can't help but feel proud of his achievements. Well done, Itik (affectionate 5S1/4S1 nickname for him)!! You're the smartest thing with webbed feet to have graced Earth! :D


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