Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Visit Of SMI Alumni KL

caption: From left: Mr Lee, Mr Phoon, Mr Hor, Mr Fong and Mr Lee Keen Seong.
It was a planned visit of members of the SMI Alumni KL to the alma mater on August 14, 2009 to coincide with the first day of the drama performance.

St Michael's looks forward to the visit as it symbolically links the coming home of fellow Michaelians to the school.
It was customary that members of the MMB got ready to welcome our guests. In fact, it was something the old boys actually looked forward to. For them, it was an honour to have a group of serious looking and highly experienced bandsmen waiting for their arrival.
This year, the alumni awarded ten needy recipients with bursary.
Among our guests that day were Mr Lee Wei Seong, Mr Ronald Hor, Mr Lee Keen Seong and Mr Fong Mun Toh. Already into its fifth year, the entourage continues to hold a special place in our hearts.
Our principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee welcomed our honoured guests that day.

Note: The group, led by Mr Lee Wei Seong, returned at 7pm for the drama. They supported the school by acquiring 10 tickets of RM50 each. Thank you guys. We look forward to meeting all of you again next year. To Ronald, thank you for the tedious arrangements and Wei Seong for a remarkable speech that day.

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