Thursday, September 17, 2009

Brother U Paul's Legacy Leaves On

"In these years we notice that Brother Ultan Paul's main focus was on persons. Programmes, projects, his attention to administrative detail and even putting up buildings never took priority over persons. His door was always open to students, teachers, parents , even important people in public life. His gift was for people. All who came to him found ready welcome and the assurance of being fully understood, of being affirmed in their unique dignity and identity".

Extracted from The Michaelian Spirit year 2000, the eulogy given by Brother Vincent Corkery in honour of Brother U Paul (1920-2000)

True to the words described by Brother Vincent about Brother Paul during his tenure at St Michael's and various Lasallian institutions, Brother U Paul Scholarship continues to look into the crucial needs of deprived Michaelians. When a teacher knows of the needs of his or her charges, an application will then be forwarded to the Brothers for approval.

We thank Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew Bay for that touch of altruism, saluting them again for reaching out just like our founder Baptist De Lasalle did 329 years ago.

caption: Form One student Aaron Mart receiving the scholarship from Brother Vincent Corkery. Witnessing the occasion are Aaron's mother and SMI principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee.

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