Sunday, September 06, 2009

Discussions and Comments On MCO

From the Editor,

The post on MCO has generated excellent response from Michaelians from all corners of the world. It amazes me greatly as the MCO fraternity still stays amazingly close. When one extends a hand, so many responded to assist.

I salute Michaelians like Loh Kok Hoong, Saw Horng Yuan, Chee Kok Leong, Chan Yoon Suiew, Leow Hong Keat, Michelle Chew, KP Soh, Yew Guo Zheng, Gooi Harvey, Kah Wai, Victor Ho, Soo Kok Keat, Kar Pui, Chong Wai Chun, Khaw Yee Khai and Aaron Chan for their unselfish sharing of ideas and ways for continuous improvements.

Your deep concern for an organisation you cherish and hold in high esteem is to be commended. The alma mater is proud to have produced people like you who have so much to share and in the process of sharing, inspire.

With the great response we obtained, we trust the present batch of leaders now know who to turn to for counsel and a little advice.

St Michael's has always endeavoured in producing talents, harnessing individuals and moulding of characters.

I believe so much has been generated through your sharing and thoughts for the past week.
Therefore, the comment for the post is now closed!

With that, I thank all Michaelians for such invaluable guidance, seeking earnestly to assist the juniors and we believe we can learn from one another. This is Michaelian spirit!

It would be an honour to see all of you one day in school.

Best wishes and good day,
Peter Khiew

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