Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flag Poles Used By The Japanese?

"The Japanese Advance troops entered Ipoh on 28 December 1941 and found a ready made shelter at St Michael's Insitution. The school was used as "Perak Shu Seicho", the Japanese Government Building in Ipoh. The entire school building was used to house various government offices." - extracted from My Story, 1994.
While memories of the Japanese occupation of the building have long forgotten by many, plaques put up over the years like the ones at the granite staircase and the chapel (State Legislative Council Chambers) somehow remind us of those war years of hardship and great endurance on the part of the Brothers, teachers and students alike.
Another discovery: Two very thick, heavily-rusty flag poles used by army officers during the Japanese era are currently lie in solitary, partially covered by shrubs.Surprisingly, the relics are still in considerably good conditions even after decades of expose to the elements.
These items bear strong historical and heritage significance. They are almost 70 years old and plans are already on to identify the exact location where the poles were placed before they were taken down.
We need photos or evidence from very old Michaelians showing, perhaps British or Japanese army officers, raising flags during ceremonies.
We are waiting for the time when St Michael's is able to raise the Malaysian and SMI flags during the Centennial celebrations.
Let us know if you have any leads.

Contact Brother Matthew Bay at the La Salle Centre or drop us a line.

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harrneak said...

Mr Peter,

I noticed from the school building photograph taken after the expansion of left and right wings completed,these poles are standing proudly on the left and right side of the main foyer (which houses the LaSalle Statue). Besides the two poles grounded here, there is another pole, which stands higher, right at the Balcony of the present Heritage Room. If we observe at the balcony, there still exist the piece of bracket that was used to hold this pole from the balcony.
Maybe Bro Vincent can recall when all these poles were removed and the existing flag poles came about.

Harneak Singh
5A3 1980