Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Merdeka Tower- A Reflection of Unity and Comradeship

The scouts are at it again. Their industrious and always-on-the-go nature prompted them to construct an amazing tower, which they call, "Merdeka Tower".
SMI scouts simply have the knack to build towers. They honour the country almost every year, the teachers (during Teacher's Day) and when comes jamboree time, our Kinta 02 scouts would come up with towers that impress!
Our national and state leaders should drop by at SMI when they pass by the school and thank the scouts for a job well done. They passionately built this with their sweat, energy and spirit of patriotism!


Wai Keong said...

Nice tower and layout =)

Henry Yew said...

The design of the towers are always different, year in and year out. Some are taller and some are shorter; some are longer and some are not. The towers are actually a magnificent display of unity and strength, because it is not just the work of a single individual!