Monday, October 26, 2009

SMI Teachers During The 70s

Yesteryears: From right (Mr Tung Kok Cheong, Mr Chin Fah Sem (seated), Mr Cheah Soon Cheong(standing), Mr Michael Loh (with both hands on hips) and Douglas Lim (with glasses, seating beside Michael). Thanks Mr Noel Oliveiro for the information.Others are still not identified.

This is a shot taken in the staffroom. Previously, the staffroom was not that crampy and a set of settee could be easily placed there for teachers to relax during free time. Sad to say, all of them have retired. I am fortunate though to know them through our annual gatherings in Kuala Lumpur. They are still vibrant, warm and very much a Michaelian.

Friday, October 23, 2009


"We came from many, we leave as One". This is what you will get when you purchase a T-Shirt designed by some Form Five students. This motto, I would say, sends a strong and meaningful message to all Michaelians.
For RM23 each, they are selling fast. Be quick and grab one today! How? The boys are manning a stall infront of the staff room.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SMI Amazes Entourage From China

It was a jaw-dropping experience when visitors from Tangxi in Dongguan, China came a calling at St Michael's. They were amazed by the astonishing school building, the facilities and the smartly-dressed students who greeted them that day.
caption: The arrival of the visitors
Not only the entire school compound was in spick and span condition, the foreign visitors were greatly pleased with the hospitality accorded.Heading the "delegation" was OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen who had short-listed and prioritised the visit to the school and getting to know its community as part of the itinerary when in Malaysia. Taking them around were SMI principal Mr Phoon Chong Chee and En Tauhid Shamsuddin.
caption: Visit to the washroom and later a briefing at the OMA meeting room. Below: A walk at the SMI primary school.
St Michael's has always prides itself in its classrooms, corridor, colonial architectual, toilets, OMA meeting room, pavilion, foodcourt, science labs and the new block of Primary school building as their construction are made possible through tedious efforts of the school, parents, old boys and the community. These facilities have to be cared for, appreciated and preserved for future generations.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SMI Principal Visits Master Chan Khin Seng

caption: In deep conversation: Master Chan and Mr Phoon.
Master Chan Khin Seng was having his rest at home, perhaps after a hearty meal, when someone called his name. He looked up and was elated when he saw Mr Phoon Chong Chee. It has been awhile Master Chan, currently approaching 87 years old, had a visitor from St Michael's so it was such joy when he saw the principal.
In a conversation that lasted twenty minutes, a few subjects were shared. Among those discussed were the school drama, the students, the teachers and the old boys but a topic which appealed most to Master Chan was the time he was in St Michael's. He always relished his hours in the classrooms where he had the chance to share his knowledge with the boys.

caption: Master Chan (fifth from right) with OMA exco in a picture taken on 27 May 2005 infront of the newly built five-star toilet.

Master Chan is a true blue Michaelian. He studied, taught and retired in St Michael's and still involves as a member of the Board of Governors. He was also the first vice-president of OMA. In the process of carrying out his mission and vocation as a teacher, Master Chan had produced thousands of Michaelians. Ask some former Cabinet Ministers, corporate leaders and community leaders about Master Chan and you can expect words of praise, salutation and admiration

caption: A newspaper article about Master Chan meeting up a former student.

After some thirty minutes, Mr Phoon and I bid goodbye to Master Chan. I could sum up one thing here. "St Michael's has always been close to his heart. Treasure your moments here and let's make St Michael's stronger". That message, I know, goes to all who love SMI.

A Must-Watch Video On La Salle Education

An inspiring watch.

The struggles, determination, courage and visions of the Lasallian Brothers.

Friday, October 16, 2009




It was in 2005 when St Michael's produced a total of 60 straight As' students in PMR. It also churned out one of the country's best students in Philip Boey Soo Meng.
The then Perak Education Director Lt Kol Mohammed Zakaria Mohd Noor and officials paid a surprise visit to the school to congratulate the high achievers and parents who turned up with their children.
caption: Parents and students are listening to the education director's congratulatory message.
Among those who excelled that year were Eddy Chow Mun Tik, Beh Ee King, Ng Chien Young, Aren Tang, Daniel Hazmy, Lee Kit Leong, Anas Zharif Jaafar, Clement Joshua, Leroy Wong, Wong Hon Kit and Neemal a/l Vijaya Kumar.
Wherever you are boys, we are proud of you. Continue to shine and work even harder. Warm regards from us all at St Michael's.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Another Outstanding Michaelian- Robin Jayesuria

A Note From Mr Adrian Tsen - Mr Robin was a very good sportman . I knew him when I was a young boy. He was my brother's classmate and he came back for this year's reunion. Perhaps we can feature an article about him on the blog or the school magazine.

Editorial- Thank you Mr Adrian for the e-mail and after going through Robin's achievements and accolades at St Michael's, he deserves a mention here for our current students to emulate.

Mr Robin left SMI after the Form 6 final exams in Dec 1962. He graduated from Form 5 Class of 1959. The activites he involved in actively in school included being a Prefect and Flt. Sgt. Fed. of Malaya Air Training Corps and captain of the Hockey Team while representing school at soccer, cricket and track & field sports.

He also captained Perak State and Fed. of Malaya Combined Schools Hockey team. Mr Robin represented Perak, Selangor, Johore and Melaka State hockey teams in the 60's and won the Hockey Bronze Medal at the 4th Asian Games, Jakarta in Oct 1962 representing Malaya.

After school, he joined the plantation sector in June 1962 with Kumpulan Guthrie Bhd and remained in the industry till his retirement Dec 2001, serving in Negeri Sembilan, Johore, Pahang, Melaka States and Sri Lanka before venturing to Nigeria in 1986 and Papua New Guinea in 1995 to manage and advise on rubber and oil palm business there.

His strength in education includes a BSc in Agriculture from Deventer College in Holland and MSc in Plantation Management from Cranfiled University, UK with Associate Diploma from Incorporated Society of Planters, Malaysia.

He married Miss Felomina T Booi, graduate in Social Science, Holland July 1969 and have 2 children, Raoul (1971) and Marcia (1975) - both married Raoul to Dani Chun of Sao Paulo and works there now and Marcia to Neil Palmer if UK and lives in London. Grand daughter Amanda (Dec 2008) in Brazil and Grand son Magnus (May 2009) in England.

"Retired to live sun set years peacefully and with good will to all in Seremban since 2007 and play squash for exercise and compete regulary in Masters Games around the world, most recently at the International Squash Masters Games, Puerto Madryn, Argentina Aug 2009. I am looking forward to the events this weekend in Ipoh - it will be the 1st occassion since 1961 to meet with school mates", he said.

From us at St Michael's, welcome home, our best wishes and many regards.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin Visits SMI

It was a pleasant and refreshing sight for many young Michaelians who had the chance to meet Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin during his official visit to St Michael's on Monday.
For these young men that opportunity to meet up with the distinguished and ever-warm Brother Visitor with white robe is a sight to behold.
It connects St Michael's with the Brothers and the rest of the Lasallian family worldwide.
Solidarity- Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin (second from left) with Mr P. Vellupillai, Mr Tauhid, Mr Kamaruzzaman and Brother Matthew Bay.
Our Appreciation- Mr Tauhid presenting souvenirs to Brother Visitor.
SMI Foodcourt- Brother Visitor went for a tour around the school including the foodcourt. He was accompanied by Brother Matthew, Mr Vellu and Mr Isaac of the La Salle Centre. Unfortunately Bro Vincent could not do the honour because he has some foot problem.
A Visit To the SMI Primary. All pictures taken by Alex Morris.
Thank you, Brother for the historic visit and we hope you treasure the brief moments spent at SMI.
Selamat Datang dan Jumpa Lagi.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Location of Flag Poles Identified!

After much researching, an old photo, dated back to the 6os', effectively tells the exact position of the poles used by the Japanese and the British. Official and ceremonious gatherings were normally carried out at the centre of the premises, in this case, the central gable of St Michael's.

Picture One: There are two poles, similar to the ones at the La Salle Centre, could be clearly seen standing with great pride. Another one, a shorter pole, is at the balcony. All three had been removed but the stand to hold the smaller pole is still visible. After identifying the spots, markers will be placed. Picture Two: The snapshots we highlighted earlier. Look at the joints of the pole. They match!

Picture Three: The three poles currently placed infront of the school building, near the foyer.

Perhaps Brother Vincent can enlighten us as to why the poles were removed, when they were taken down and why three newer ones were acquired to replace the old ones? It would be excellent if we know that historical chapter behind this.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Do You Know That...

1. Do you know that the newly-arrived office assistant of SMI, Mr John is an old boy? He was in Standard 6 in 1966 at SMI 2. Meaning, he was in Form Five in 1971.
2. Mr Herbert and Mrs Chin, both long-serving lab assistants, have been working in St Michael's for more than 28 years each. They have witnessed the tremendous changes the school has gone through over the decades.
3. Today, it came to our knowledge that a piece of iron ore, easily more than 100 kg, is kept somewhere in school. How it got here and why it was acquired? These are answers we want to find out. Only the size of a rugby ball but a few people are needed to carry it! Brother Matthew has the answer!
4. Mr Foo Keat Seong, a Michaelian Olympian representing the country in hockey is coming to SMI on November 3, 2009 to officiate at the Co-Curricular Day. En Mohamad bin Abdul Hadi, also an Olympian will be joining him that day. What an impactful homecoming for the duo.
5. Notice the red structure behind the badminton court and at the side of the bookshop that looks like a huge water tank? What was that used for previously?Why is it still there?

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Class of 1966, Std 6

This is a rare 1966 shot of fellow Std 6 juniors taken in St Michael's primary. Visitors who are able to identify the boys in the picture, let us know who they are so that these boys have the chance to reconnect. Look behind the class. Remember the familiar faces? Will name some of the personalities soon.
The shot was sent by Robert de Silva, currently residing in US. Oh yes, he and his gang members are already making plans to return to the alma mater for the Centennial celebrations.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Reminiscences Of Past Gaiety

From some random shots in our archive, Michaelian Chinese Orchestra (MCO) boys were seen undergoing rehearsal in the heat of the day at the school pavilion for an annual school function. Their presentations, over the years, had impressed and awed chief guests St Michael's invited to grace its functions.
We continue to look forward to Chinese classical music from our boys who endeavour to continue with the rich legacy of MCO.
Members we spot and still remember their names are: Cheah Jie Neng, Kevin, Ng Joe Cheun, Lee Seng Hoo, Eugene Chow and Tan Wing. Keep going boys!
Oh yes, the MCO boys have even created a blog to keep Michaelians updated.
Feel free to visit:

Friday, October 02, 2009


According to a statement from the Education Ministry, a total of 475,182 candidates will sit for the written Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) examination from Oct 7 to Oct 13.
Out of the figure, 442,611 candidates are from fully-aided government schools, 13,561 from private schools, 338 are individual candidates, 4,150 from the Mara Junior Science Colleges and Armed Forces Apprentice Training School (4,150), 1,288 from the Sekolah Agama Rakyat and 13,234 from Sekolah Agama Negeri.
SMI has 368 PMR candidates. We wish them all the best.
Keep healthy, stay alert and be focussed.

Opening Soon - Another Milestone of SMI

The second five-star studded toilet is opening soon. Brother Matthew Bay said a few more items are to be fixed before it is accessible to students. Two weeks ago, an entourage led by OMA president, Mr Adrian Tsen went for a tour at the toilet and committee members were greatly impressed with the new facility.
BOG members from St George's Institution, Mr Yeap and Mr Tan were equally captivated when they dropped by at the new washroom three weeks ago. St Michael's has always been an advocate of the concept of organic unity, where parents, old boys, school community and society are forging a close working relationship to ensure a realisation of a dream and vision.
In St Michael's, most projects, all these years, are made possible through that efforts.
Thank you all.