Thursday, October 08, 2009

Do You Know That...

1. Do you know that the newly-arrived office assistant of SMI, Mr John is an old boy? He was in Standard 6 in 1966 at SMI 2. Meaning, he was in Form Five in 1971.
2. Mr Herbert and Mrs Chin, both long-serving lab assistants, have been working in St Michael's for more than 28 years each. They have witnessed the tremendous changes the school has gone through over the decades.
3. Today, it came to our knowledge that a piece of iron ore, easily more than 100 kg, is kept somewhere in school. How it got here and why it was acquired? These are answers we want to find out. Only the size of a rugby ball but a few people are needed to carry it! Brother Matthew has the answer!
4. Mr Foo Keat Seong, a Michaelian Olympian representing the country in hockey is coming to SMI on November 3, 2009 to officiate at the Co-Curricular Day. En Mohamad bin Abdul Hadi, also an Olympian will be joining him that day. What an impactful homecoming for the duo.
5. Notice the red structure behind the badminton court and at the side of the bookshop that looks like a huge water tank? What was that used for previously?Why is it still there?

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