Monday, October 12, 2009

Location of Flag Poles Identified!

After much researching, an old photo, dated back to the 6os', effectively tells the exact position of the poles used by the Japanese and the British. Official and ceremonious gatherings were normally carried out at the centre of the premises, in this case, the central gable of St Michael's.

Picture One: There are two poles, similar to the ones at the La Salle Centre, could be clearly seen standing with great pride. Another one, a shorter pole, is at the balcony. All three had been removed but the stand to hold the smaller pole is still visible. After identifying the spots, markers will be placed. Picture Two: The snapshots we highlighted earlier. Look at the joints of the pole. They match!

Picture Three: The three poles currently placed infront of the school building, near the foyer.

Perhaps Brother Vincent can enlighten us as to why the poles were removed, when they were taken down and why three newer ones were acquired to replace the old ones? It would be excellent if we know that historical chapter behind this.


Peter Khiew said...

Wow, this photograph sure is old, but a living testimony for many things. I had actually noticed to old flag poles lying around but didn't think of them much.

By Henry Yew

Manmathan said...

I though it was an old pipeline. It never crossed in my mind that it was a flagpole. Thank god, its history have been discovered.

palohchai 'n' littlecicak said...

lol.. Now I remember seeing the pole somewhere. Like Manmathan, I to it was an old pipeline. Interestng, it's like in the movie National Treasure where ancient artifacts are discovered one after another.. intersting.. perhaps more to be discovered soon? Like the story about SMI having a tunnel which I used to hear during my school days in SMI.

Flag Desk said...

It's neat how you figured this out. I am in the flagpole business and always stumbling upon people who are trying to turn a old piece of pipe (or pole) into a new flagpole. It's usually a fun challenge to figure out the parts or accessories they'll need to do it.

Brent Alexander