Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SMI Principal Visits Master Chan Khin Seng

caption: In deep conversation: Master Chan and Mr Phoon.
Master Chan Khin Seng was having his rest at home, perhaps after a hearty meal, when someone called his name. He looked up and was elated when he saw Mr Phoon Chong Chee. It has been awhile Master Chan, currently approaching 87 years old, had a visitor from St Michael's so it was such joy when he saw the principal.
In a conversation that lasted twenty minutes, a few subjects were shared. Among those discussed were the school drama, the students, the teachers and the old boys but a topic which appealed most to Master Chan was the time he was in St Michael's. He always relished his hours in the classrooms where he had the chance to share his knowledge with the boys.

caption: Master Chan (fifth from right) with OMA exco in a picture taken on 27 May 2005 infront of the newly built five-star toilet.

Master Chan is a true blue Michaelian. He studied, taught and retired in St Michael's and still involves as a member of the Board of Governors. He was also the first vice-president of OMA. In the process of carrying out his mission and vocation as a teacher, Master Chan had produced thousands of Michaelians. Ask some former Cabinet Ministers, corporate leaders and community leaders about Master Chan and you can expect words of praise, salutation and admiration

caption: A newspaper article about Master Chan meeting up a former student.

After some thirty minutes, Mr Phoon and I bid goodbye to Master Chan. I could sum up one thing here. "St Michael's has always been close to his heart. Treasure your moments here and let's make St Michael's stronger". That message, I know, goes to all who love SMI.

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