Friday, October 16, 2009


It was in 2005 when St Michael's produced a total of 60 straight As' students in PMR. It also churned out one of the country's best students in Philip Boey Soo Meng.
The then Perak Education Director Lt Kol Mohammed Zakaria Mohd Noor and officials paid a surprise visit to the school to congratulate the high achievers and parents who turned up with their children.
caption: Parents and students are listening to the education director's congratulatory message.
Among those who excelled that year were Eddy Chow Mun Tik, Beh Ee King, Ng Chien Young, Aren Tang, Daniel Hazmy, Lee Kit Leong, Anas Zharif Jaafar, Clement Joshua, Leroy Wong, Wong Hon Kit and Neemal a/l Vijaya Kumar.
Wherever you are boys, we are proud of you. Continue to shine and work even harder. Warm regards from us all at St Michael's.

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Young said...

Hurrah for SMI Class of 2007! :D
Those were the good old days..