Monday, October 26, 2009

SMI Teachers During The 70s

Yesteryears: From right (Mr Tung Kok Cheong, Mr Chin Fah Sem (seated), Mr Cheah Soon Cheong(standing), Mr Michael Loh (with both hands on hips) and Douglas Lim (with glasses, seating beside Michael). Thanks Mr Noel Oliveiro for the information.Others are still not identified.

This is a shot taken in the staffroom. Previously, the staffroom was not that crampy and a set of settee could be easily placed there for teachers to relax during free time. Sad to say, all of them have retired. I am fortunate though to know them through our annual gatherings in Kuala Lumpur. They are still vibrant, warm and very much a Michaelian.

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Aaron Chan Chee Kin said...

Mr Chin Fah Sem still teaches chemistry tuition in town