Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin Visits SMI

It was a pleasant and refreshing sight for many young Michaelians who had the chance to meet Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin during his official visit to St Michael's on Monday.
For these young men that opportunity to meet up with the distinguished and ever-warm Brother Visitor with white robe is a sight to behold.
It connects St Michael's with the Brothers and the rest of the Lasallian family worldwide.
Solidarity- Brother Visitor Thomas Lavin (second from left) with Mr P. Vellupillai, Mr Tauhid, Mr Kamaruzzaman and Brother Matthew Bay.
Our Appreciation- Mr Tauhid presenting souvenirs to Brother Visitor.
SMI Foodcourt- Brother Visitor went for a tour around the school including the foodcourt. He was accompanied by Brother Matthew, Mr Vellu and Mr Isaac of the La Salle Centre. Unfortunately Bro Vincent could not do the honour because he has some foot problem.
A Visit To the SMI Primary. All pictures taken by Alex Morris.
Thank you, Brother for the historic visit and we hope you treasure the brief moments spent at SMI.
Selamat Datang dan Jumpa Lagi.



Thank you very much for the acknowledgement.Rarely do people remember the photographer..haha

jouleong said...

wow, the school really changed alot, i can hardly recognize the food court any more. Must really find a day to pay my a school a visit :)

leong jou eng (student 1999-2005)