Friday, November 27, 2009

Calling Class of 1986(Form 3) & Class of 1988 (Form Five)

Class of 1988 Form Five

Mr Nathan, currently a tiger handler at the Lost World of Tambun, is looking forward eagerly to meet his buddies when he was in Form Three in 1986 and Form Five, 1988. He remembers Master Choo Ah Chye and Master Noel Oliveiro as his favourite teachers who not only wielded the cane when it came to discipline but also as teachers who listened and cared for the welfare of their charges.
He said he has managed to contact some of his former classmates and they are coming together for a great reunion. Their former teachers, many are still in Ipoh, would be invited for the get-together.

Date: December 5, 2009.
Time: 6pm to 11 pm
Venue: The Lost World of Tambun Ipoh.
For details, call Nathan at 012-5020304

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