Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Football Match To End the Year

The Champs for 2009- The Prefects

Members of the Crime Prevention Club (CPC) and the Junior Prefectorial Board had their customary football match on Tuesday, November 17 at exactly 4pm. Dubbed as "The Match of the Year", the prefects managed to beat the CPC, 3-2, in penalty kicks.

The CPC players planning out their strategies.

It was a celebration of sorts as the prefects had been unable to lift the cup even once since the inception of the CPC/Prefects match six years ago. The CPC members played well with many being school athletes and sportsmen. We are happy the game ended with a memorable note- that we played and fellowship as Michaelians!

Cikgu Zumairi giving out the medals to the players. Win or Lose Get A Medal!

The Challenge Trophy and the medals.

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