Thursday, November 19, 2009

Registration of Primary Pupils For Form One In 2010

Some 350 pupils from St Michael's 1&2, La Salle Canning Garden, SK Manjoi 2 and SK Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab experienced a day of secondary school life when they turned up for Form One registration. A total of nine classes will  be offered next year, with class occupancy of at least 40 students each.
The primary school boys were briefed on SMI's mission and vision, our way forward, what's a Lasallian school and on discipline mattters. They were told specifically to uphold the distinguished tradition and culture of St Michael's, to respect our school badge and to don uniforms with pride.

Transfer cases from other primary schools to St Michael's will be in full swing after the results of UPSR are announced. Enquiries have already started and SMI still is the first choice school of many parents.

When the new session starts in 2010, a week has been allocated for the orientation program. We are looking forward to receive another group of young Michaelians, something we have done for the past 98 years!

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