Friday, November 27, 2009


The initiative to establish the Michaelian Gallery has met with very strong support from the school, the Board of Governors, the old boys and the PIBG.

caption: Display cases are ready now to exhibit old medals, badges and magazines. 
How did it happen? It was on one occasion when I was at the basement, below the stage, when the pathetic and very sad sight of once-adored shields and trophies were left abandoned, covered with rust and dust. These previously shiny and glazed bronze and copper-made items were dented badly; many without covers and the plates detailing the names of winners were gone. Works to salvage and restore these items had to be done fast before these ended up in the streets - with handsome price tags!

A table, about 70 years old, has been restored. Efforts were made to preserve its originality.
That was in early 2007. Even badly damaged relics were taken in for restoration works. We found old, wooden chairs, tables, racks, cabinets and souvenirs. For months, we rummaged the storerooms and scoured the drawers and classrooms.

This piece was salvaged from a room. It was trampled on, in bad shape, with joints all loosen up. Now, it deserves a place at the gallery.
Over the months, our efforts paid off. More and more people were aware of our initiative and when they chanced upon certain items they thought were of historical value, they handed over the items for us to assess and evaluate. Two months ago, I followed Brother Matthew to the chapel and wow, how impressed I was with the items inside. A few, mostly pictures, had been taken to the gallery-courtesy of the Brothers.

The Entrance to the Gallery. We Are Proud To Make It Happen.
Teacher Lawrence, fortunately, lends strong support in shaping the gallery. St Michael's prides itself in being one of a few schools in Malaysia having an archive to document its achievements, roots and legacy.

We thank Mr Phoon Chong Chee for his advice and making available a room for the gallery, Mr Adrian Tsen and the Board of Governors for the much-needed financial support, Brother Vincent Corkery and Brother Matthew Bay for invaluable pictures, artifacts and guidance, Mr Joseph Michael Lee for ever-ready encouragement and Mr Harneak Singh for factual evidence.

We will work towards opening the gallery next year, by June. It is going to be a research and referral centre for Michaelians. It's very hard work. It's the passion that keeps us going.

Mr Harneak and the black and white school picture (original print). The picture has been framed beautifully and it goes to the gallery too.
How We Progress


Thomas Liew said...

Well Sir, I will be leaving this year after SPM. So I guess I won't be able to see the completed gallery. Hope to see it primed and ready for the centennial celebration of our glorious alma mater.
Congratulations and thank you for your invaluable service and effort in making it a success.
All the best and God bless.

Ivan Tan said...

For your information sir, Im glad to know that The Michaelian magazines will be placed in the Michaelian Gallery. On my recent visit to the library, the magazines were not arranged properly and the condition of some of the magazine covers were terrible but no action was taken to solve this problem. I hope that the setting up of the Michaelian Gallery will keep the magazines in a good way so that they will not be destroyed as time passes. TQ~