Sunday, November 01, 2009

What A Rare Shot! Two Thumbs Up

A Rare Item Is Hard To Come By.
This is a shot, circa 1940,  I have never seen before. It was taken before the roundabout was even built opposite the current Tun Razak Library. It is a shot sent by Mr Harneak Singh who carefully scanned the photo before sending over to the blog administrator. The owner, who we would like to acknowledge here, is Mr Sriskanda (class of 1973).
According to Mr Harneak, the photograph of the school building was most likely taken from the high grounds at Ipoh Club.
"It's amazing to note our school building looks more like a Mansion or a Castle then. This photo must have been taken sometime after the completion of our first expansion (the present hall and science labs). Towards the end of the building, you will notice a double storey building attached to the school," said Harneak, adding that there are probably 2 Malay Bungalows (the roof is visibly clear).
The photograph is wallet size - 4.3cm x 6cm. (Wonder if the size was printed on purpose so that one could carry it along in your wallet)
Thank you again Mr Harneak and to Mr Sriskanda, welcome aboard.

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