Friday, December 04, 2009

Lasallian Youth Conventions- 20 Years and Going Strong

20 years ago, 12 young men flew off to Manila, Philippines to what was to be an experience that would change the Lasallian history in Malaysia. They attended the 1st Asia Pacific Lasallian Congress and upon return, this small group set out to share their experience to the Lasallian schools in Malaysia. What initially started as a half day programme in St George’s Taiping has today grown to an annual gathering of Lasallian student leaders from all over the nation.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Lasallian youth works in Malaysia. From the humble beginnings in Taiping, the programme has grown to large scale national gatherings of student leaders, regional conventions and programmes designed to serve special groups of students, all which primarily focus on character building and human development. One of them would be the LEAD programme (Lasallian Expedition and Development Programme) which caters to marginalised students in the Lasallian schools.

All in all, over 2000 students would have benefitted from being a part of these programmes. Some like Doreen Da Costa, a delegate from the first Convention in 1989, have been helping out in every single convention since then! Others like Eric Bryan Amaladas, one of the 12 young young men who ventured to Manila in that same year, has spent 10 years working in La Salle Centre and is today one of the top facilitator/trainer at all our Lasallian programmes either at the local or international level.

To celebrate the 20 years of Lasallian youth work, La Salle Centre, Ipoh, together with a group of dedicated and faithful Lasallians is organising a dinner to commemorate the 20 year journey. It will be held on the 12th December 2009 at 6pm in St Michael’s Ipoh, the venue of all the 20 National Lasallian Conventions. The organising committee, led by the chairperson Eric Bryan Amaladas, is hoping to see delegates of all the past conventions at the dinner. According to Eric, it will be a night of walking down memory lane, meeting old friends and rekindling the Lasallian spirit of faith, service and community. In short, it will be a homecoming of sorts!

Those interested in having a whale of a time at the 20th Anniversary dinner, please contact Terry Jalleh of La Salle Centre, Ipoh at 05-2543297. Tickets are priced at RM30 only.

Reported by Mr Eric Amaladas, one of the 12 young men who made that momentous trip to Manila. 

Note from the Editorial: Some 350 delegates have so far confirmed their attendance. Be quick and get your tickets. It is going to be one great experience spending your days at St Michael's. Explore the many great marvels you have read and heard about that great building and its amazing heritage. Meet the Brothers, have a tour at the garden of "Eden" at the La Salle Centre and perhaps, a walk down memory lane at Ipoh's Old Town. Our record of thanks to Brother Matthew for patiently going through his reservoir of photos just to share with us the images we posted to accompany the report.  

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