Friday, January 29, 2010

Bernard Chauly and Crew Filming At St Michael's

caption: Brother Vincent is seen here with Bernard, second from right, Daly and a Kempeitai.

Popular local film and TV director Bernard Chauly was here at St Michael's to direct an eight-part series on Sybil Kartigesu, a Second World War heroine, mid-wife and resistance fighter.
Michaelian Chauly and his crew were here for three days (from 23 Jan), virtually spending their entire time organising and filming  in school and the La Salle Centre, where they resided.
Shooting was carried out at the chapel (converted to the Governor's Chamber during the Japanese Occupation when the army turned St Michael's into their headquarters) with personalities like Patrick Teoh, Elaine Daly and Joe (a great guitarist and musician) whom I met two years ago.

caption: Bernard (left).

St Michael's was the place Sybil was interrogated and pushed down from the granite staircase. It was reported that Sybil had to go through countless operations as a result of the injuries she sustained.
Remember, "Goodbye Boys", the story of SMI scouts going through an arduous and tedious journey, and in the process they learned humility, friendship and unity? It was the same director who directs this story.
We wish Bernard well and hope that the Kartigesu film clinches a top award this year.
The images were taken by Brother Matthew Bay, who always keeps on a look out for something interesting taking place in St Michael's. Thanks Brother for the shots.
And, on the left, is a shot taken using my handphone camera at the filming location, outside the chapel. Patrick Teoh, looking tough in his Japanese uniform, obliged to have his photo taken with Mr Ravindran and a student. We at St Michael's will continue the efforts to preserve our heritage, originality and roots for future generations.

Signing off, Peter Khiew

Monday, January 25, 2010

Congratulation From Us at St Michael's

HOTSHOTS Koo Kien Keat -Tan Boon Heong went through a roller coaster ride before nailing the Malaysian Open men’s doubles title at the Putra Stadium here yesterday.
The top seeds came through some tense moments before prevailing over China’s Guo Zhengdong-Xu Chen 21-15, 17-21, 21-16 in a 55-minute final.
It was the second time that the duo won a title when they were ranked as the world No.1 pair. They also pulled off a similar feat at the Denmark Open last year.
Malaysia last won the men’s doubles title in the Malaysian Open through Kien Keat-Boon Heong in 2007. Then they went on to dominate the world doubles game for some time that year. Yesterday, the win did not come easy for the Malaysians with both Kien Keat (pix, left) and Boon Heong experiencing ups and downs in their game.
At times, Kien Keat will be so intelligent at the net and then squander easy points at the front.
Boon Heong was awesome in finding the empty space to hit down winners in the opening game but was awfully off in the second game.
It was a neck-and-neck battle in the decider and the tide turned in favour of the Malaysians after they took a 16-15 lead.
Lanky Xu Chen irritated the home fans by gesturing to the crowd to be quiet after taking the 15th point.
It riled up the crowd and provided the impetus for the Malaysians to rise to the occasion. And they did it in steely form to romp home for their first title of the year.
Kien Keat was happy that they came through the tough encounter against Guo-Xu.
“I was more focused in this match. Tactically, we were superior. Overall, it was a good win for us,” said Kien Keat.
“But I admit that we were inconsistent. This is something we have to work on. It is a good start to the year and will certainly boost our confidence to face the challenges ahead.
“After a short break for the Chinese New Year, we will resume training to get ready for the major tournaments.”
Boon Heong was happy that he managed to raise his game in the final.
“I am happy I produced my best in the final.
“I had problems with my smashes but fortunately, it got better at the end,” said Boon Heong.

Boon Heong-Kien Keat will compete in the National Grand Prix Finals in Johor Baru from Feb 4-7 before the Chinese New Year break.

From The Star

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We have students who are chosen to be leaders simply because they have the knack to be leaders. The school benefits greatly from their services to ensure orderliness and students' adherence of rules in school. These student leaders, in return, gain from the experience of taking on responsibilities in the wider school community.

It was Monday, January 18, 2010 during the morning assembly that an installation day was held for the prefects, librarians and monitors. These are individuals trusted to take on the bigger role to lead. We salute their strong spirit of service.
The guest-of-honour was Mr Joseph Michael Lee, an outstanding old Michaelian who currently heads the school's PTA.

Thank you, Brother Matthew Bay for the remarkable pictures. Truly masterpieces.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Laying a trap to catch small animals - an effort by 02 Kinta scouts.

St Michael's induction days are days looked forward to by senior and junior Michaelians every year. The second week of the academic year is time of intense and serious preparations. The seniors would go all out to atttact and impress newcomers to their clubs and societies.
They would practise for days as though going for a major tournament or competition. This year the fourth formers, assisted by their younger charges, are in-charge of organising the program of the day.
On Tuesday, January 12, it was the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, followed by Taekwondo and Scouts the day after. On Thursday, the boys from St John Ambulance and Michaelian Military Band will roll up their sleeves to ensure the new members' list they prepare is filled to the brim. The bandsmen, for example, have been practising for days at the school pavilion, indirectly offering soothing music for me at the discipline room upstairs. Well done, boys.
This tradition of St Michael's still going on strong. Fifty years ago, your seniors did the same thing independently in mobilising new recruits. Today, I observe the same Michaelian spirit being demonstrated!
The images below were taken at the Scouts Den during induction. Joshua Loo and his charges are to be commended for putting up really good gadgets to enthrall the Form One students. The 02 Kinta scouts have been working virtually non-stop for days to construct the towers, traps, weapons and demonstrate simple cooking and scouting skills.

Climbing a tree using a rope. Many ways to do it

Bow and arrow.."Aim and shoot correctly, your dinner is assured," said Kenny Liew.

TL Joshua Loo (second from right) and his "commanding officers"


Saturday, January 09, 2010


From Top: The Unveiling of the 2010 Theme, "Know Yourself & Be Yourself", The Speech by the Principal and group picture of 2009 PMR top scorers. Write in to congratulate the school and the students.
Thank you Brother Matthew Bay for the pictures.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Orientation For Form One Students 2010

Some 360 boys enrolled at St Michael's on Monday, January 4, 2010. Bright, cheery faces greeted the teachers as they walked into the main hall for a session with the administrators. Accompanied them anxiously were their parents who turned up in droves.

The hall was filled to the brim, with more and more chairs being brought into the hall to ensure their comfort. The students were briefed on discipline matters and how they should carry themselves as Michaelians. They were also told that St Michael's would be the perfect place for character-building and value formation.

Look how enthusiastic they are

The average number of students per cass is 41, a number which is above expectation. We are proud to say that St Michael's is still the first choice school of many parents to send their children to. As for us here, our level best to educate them.

"Come To Learn, Leave To Serve".

Parents listen attentively to the briefing. A dialogue was held between the admin and parents.

St Michael's has always been a place for character building.