Friday, January 29, 2010

Bernard Chauly and Crew Filming At St Michael's

caption: Brother Vincent is seen here with Bernard, second from right, Daly and a Kempeitai.

Popular local film and TV director Bernard Chauly was here at St Michael's to direct an eight-part series on Sybil Kartigesu, a Second World War heroine, mid-wife and resistance fighter.
Michaelian Chauly and his crew were here for three days (from 23 Jan), virtually spending their entire time organising and filming  in school and the La Salle Centre, where they resided.
Shooting was carried out at the chapel (converted to the Governor's Chamber during the Japanese Occupation when the army turned St Michael's into their headquarters) with personalities like Patrick Teoh, Elaine Daly and Joe (a great guitarist and musician) whom I met two years ago.

caption: Bernard (left).

St Michael's was the place Sybil was interrogated and pushed down from the granite staircase. It was reported that Sybil had to go through countless operations as a result of the injuries she sustained.
Remember, "Goodbye Boys", the story of SMI scouts going through an arduous and tedious journey, and in the process they learned humility, friendship and unity? It was the same director who directs this story.
We wish Bernard well and hope that the Kartigesu film clinches a top award this year.
The images were taken by Brother Matthew Bay, who always keeps on a look out for something interesting taking place in St Michael's. Thanks Brother for the shots.
And, on the left, is a shot taken using my handphone camera at the filming location, outside the chapel. Patrick Teoh, looking tough in his Japanese uniform, obliged to have his photo taken with Mr Ravindran and a student. We at St Michael's will continue the efforts to preserve our heritage, originality and roots for future generations.

Signing off, Peter Khiew


poter said...

The photos that i've seen truly rocks my heart out.Bro Matthew is really an excellent photographer.It inspires me so much that I hope to see the movie soon

Anonymous said...

Heyy everyone,
Peter wanted me to comment a bit on Apa Dosaku: The Sybil Kathigasu Story. Sorry it took me some time to drop by and say hello. :)

Let me introduce myself. I'm Lash Mokhtar, I'm an actor, and I'm one of the cast in Apa Dosaku. I acted as Hanif the dispenser.

You can watch Apa Dosaku on Astro Citra from May till June. I will update you on the exact show time soon. :)

Izuan Abu said...

Just now..suprisely apa dosaku came out trough a tv on Astro once again..but this time in full movie, not in series anymore..its like turning back to the last 7 years when i watched this at a first time i ever did...