Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Laying a trap to catch small animals - an effort by 02 Kinta scouts.

St Michael's induction days are days looked forward to by senior and junior Michaelians every year. The second week of the academic year is time of intense and serious preparations. The seniors would go all out to atttact and impress newcomers to their clubs and societies.
They would practise for days as though going for a major tournament or competition. This year the fourth formers, assisted by their younger charges, are in-charge of organising the program of the day.
On Tuesday, January 12, it was the Michaelian Chinese Orchestra, followed by Taekwondo and Scouts the day after. On Thursday, the boys from St John Ambulance and Michaelian Military Band will roll up their sleeves to ensure the new members' list they prepare is filled to the brim. The bandsmen, for example, have been practising for days at the school pavilion, indirectly offering soothing music for me at the discipline room upstairs. Well done, boys.
This tradition of St Michael's still going on strong. Fifty years ago, your seniors did the same thing independently in mobilising new recruits. Today, I observe the same Michaelian spirit being demonstrated!
The images below were taken at the Scouts Den during induction. Joshua Loo and his charges are to be commended for putting up really good gadgets to enthrall the Form One students. The 02 Kinta scouts have been working virtually non-stop for days to construct the towers, traps, weapons and demonstrate simple cooking and scouting skills.

Climbing a tree using a rope. Many ways to do it

Bow and arrow.."Aim and shoot correctly, your dinner is assured," said Kenny Liew.

TL Joshua Loo (second from right) and his "commanding officers"


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