Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Orientation For Form One Students 2010

Some 360 boys enrolled at St Michael's on Monday, January 4, 2010. Bright, cheery faces greeted the teachers as they walked into the main hall for a session with the administrators. Accompanied them anxiously were their parents who turned up in droves.

The hall was filled to the brim, with more and more chairs being brought into the hall to ensure their comfort. The students were briefed on discipline matters and how they should carry themselves as Michaelians. They were also told that St Michael's would be the perfect place for character-building and value formation.

Look how enthusiastic they are

The average number of students per cass is 41, a number which is above expectation. We are proud to say that St Michael's is still the first choice school of many parents to send their children to. As for us here, our level best to educate them.

"Come To Learn, Leave To Serve".

Parents listen attentively to the briefing. A dialogue was held between the admin and parents.

St Michael's has always been a place for character building.


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