Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Letter Worth Reading.

Hello fellow Michaelians and of course to the author of this blog, Mr. Khiew!

It's the year 2010 and I for one definitely enjoyed seeing how my beloved school is improving exponentially. It is even a joy to see my fellow classmates and students from my batch respond to this post. It just shows that no matter what, we will never forget our past nor glory times in high school.
I wasn't one of the straight A's students and somewhat don't believe that straight A's means instant success, however I'm still grateful for the education received as the school has truly showed me that my hunger for Science can never be curbed. I can only say to the young Michaelians, that even if they are unable to achieve straight A's, they should be happy to recognize their strong points and weaknesses to work on.
This is the lesson we continuously learn throughout our whole life. As long as they work hard, they can even overcome the "geniuses" in class.
Having said that, I hope I have passed on a word of wisdom and would even like to remind students that there are plenty of scholarships out there in the world. It's just a matter of looking for them. If you think that's impossible, just remember that I've managed to do it.
Currently I'm studying in the University of Tulsa, Oklahoma, being a double major in Biology (Graduate of 2008) and Mechanical Engineering and will be looking into doing my Masters in either Biomedical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.

Remember your alma mater.

Jayanth Abishek
SMI Graduate of 2003

From the Editorial: Thank you, Jayanth. Your letter came at the right time. We wish you well. It would be great if more old Michaelians can write to us more frequently, letting us know more about yourself, when in school and presently.

A gift from us.... Jayanth, fourth from right, standing first row.


Ahmad Amzar said...

Thanks Mr Khiew for uploading the class photo. It's been ages since the last time I saw it,hehe.

Anyway,I have to say that I agree with my former classmate there. Learning is a life-long process. We may not succeed initially,but it doesn't mean that we won't succeed in the future. All we need to do is to work hard give our best.

I myself had found difficulties in my studies during the first few months of both my Japanese preparatory program and degree program. Learning a new language isn't easy as it seems. At points, I wanted to give up due to the stress.

Nonetheless, I kept on fighting, and with God's willing, I'll be going back for good at the end of next month with a degree in electrical engineering.

Akiramezuni ganbatte kudasai
(Strive without giving up)

Best wishes,

Ahmad Amzar
5Sc3 of 2003
Osaka University

JayJay said...

Wow. Thanks Mr. Khiew. I'm honored to have my comment being posted and happy to see a picture from the past. What I mentioned previously was purely based on experience and I for one have applied to multiple scholarships and worked on campus, whether it's research, library, or at a desk. I for one enjoyed it a whole.

Yes, this is the real life and you have to do what it takes to succeed. I wish all the best to the young students there and always remember to respect your teachers. You might think you "know it all", maybe fool around a whole lot and being loud in class. Just wait till you get to college and the university. That is a whole new level where the only thing you will hear is the professor.

Best wishes,
Jayanth Abishek