Sunday, April 18, 2010

Brother Vincent Corkery To Be Conferred A Datukship by Sultan Azlan Shah

Brother Vincent will be conferred a Datukship by the Sultan of Perak in conjunction with His Highness' 82nd birthday tomorrow. The investiture ceremony will be held at the Iskandariah Palace in Kuala Kangsar.
A short message has been sent over to the blogger yesterday and it will be posted after the ceremony. We, all Lasallian fraternity worldwide, wish Brother Vincent a great and eventful day.


harrneak said...

Congratulations to Dato Bro Vincent. An honour befitting a Visionary Brother. We Michaelians are proud of you Brother.

Harneak Singh.

Jalenoes said...

A hearty congratulations to Bro. Vincent! It's about time his many valuable contributions are finally recognised (though I can't help but wonder whether the blogosphere articles about his difficulty in obtaining a citizenship helped somewhat).

Jeremy aka Palohchai said...

Rev. Datuk Bro Vincent, we are proud of you. Congratulations!!!

Jeremy Wong Weng Yew
Former USS3
Class of 2001

Henry Yew said...

Congratulations on being conferred the Datukship, Bro. Vincent! Personally, I feel that a state recognition of his contributions in the education sector is long overdue. Nevertheless, it is excellent to know that he is now bestowed such an honour.

Manmathan said...

Congratulation YB Dato' Bro Vincent.

Charles Chow said...

Charles Kok Weng CHOW:

After leaving SMI 36 years ago for a foreign land, I now have an increasing nostalgia to find out how my memorable school is getting on. I'm saddened by the knowledge that Bro. Casmir has left us. On the other hand, I'm glad that Bro. Vincent has been recognised for his many years of admirable contribution to education in Malaysia. I take my hat off for such unselfish deed. May SMI continue to flourish in coming years.