Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Below is a statement by Dato Bro Vincent to clarify a recent article which is being circulated about his health and the hospital treatments he received. This statement, he hopes, would put an end to all speculations.

An article about me in a recent issue of the Ipoh Echo calls for some clarification.

Over a period of six months I was handicapped by bacteria infection in both feet. I received excellent treatment from the doctors and nurses of both Fatima Hospital and the Ipoh General Hospital, for which I will be lastingly grateful.
The issue of money never arose as the La Salle Brothers like any well regulated family take very good care of the retired members including all medical expenses. This has never been a problem.
The writer of the article kindly visited me in both hospitals. By coincidence his visits were at quiet times and he may have received the impression that he was the only visitor. I want to thank him for his kind concern.
For the record I had lots of wonderful visitors in both hospitals and I would like to say how much I valued their kindness. At no time did I feel forgotten or neglected.

Br Vincent

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david said...

i feel like going back smi to visit brother vincent after my final exam in college =)