Monday, June 28, 2010

SMI All Geared Up For Its Public Drama Performances

Form Two boys volunteered to put up posters and banners for the upcoming school drama. SMI is synonymous with its drama production, debating and English-speaking culture. These age-old traditions have made St Michael's stands out in many facades as far as education and character building are concerned. 
We appeal for your support in making this year's drama another success. The initiatives and efforts on your part in buying the tickets for the show are imperative. Come watch the drama with your cousins, friends and parents. It is a platform to watch a great literary work in English.
Mr Phoon is also doing his part in promoting the sale of tickets among Form One students. One thing for sure, tickets are selling fast.
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010


It was a worthwhile and highly knowledgeable visit to Riverview Estate in Tanjung Tualang for 40 students and teachers from St Michael's. For most of them, the visit to the well-managed palm oil estate was their first encounter . They have studied about the cultivation of oil palm in their Geography book and this experience would undoubtedly enrich their understanding.
They were fortunate to be given the opportunity by OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen, who is also the Executive Director of Riverview Estate, to visit the plantation.
Among those who also joined in the entourage were Mr Phoon Chong Chee, SMI principal and OMA exco members. Mr Neoh, the estate GM, briefed the students on the processes involved in oil palm cultivation.
We thank the Riverview management for a fruitful visit.


Fifty two Form Two prefects were successfully installed recently after four months of probation. Guest of honour was En Ramli Abu Itam, head of the Humanity Unit, Perak Education Department. En Ramli is St Michael's former afternoon senior assistant. He was very impressed, not only with the reception held for him but the standard of prefects being selected by the school.
As for the younger ones, the new batch of Form One probationary prefects has been chosen. They are going to sit for a competency test upon which successful candidates (having a score of 80% and above) will go through four months of intensive training before being confirmed as prefects. This process ensures quality Michaelian student leaders.

Our junior prefects - smart and competent!


Michaelians will always be Michaelians. Attachments are strong in school and even after years of leaving school, they would still come a calling back-to-school to meet up the teachers and walk down memory lane. Among the places they frequent most when they returned are the parlour, foodcourt, staff room, a peer into the library, corridors and third floor, the chapel area.  
It's a pity, however, souvenirs bearing the powerful Michaelian logo are sorely limited. 
Items for sale are only suitable for the students but souvenirs for working adults and college students like neck-ties, mugs and T-shirts should be seriously considered.
Old boys who visit the alma mater sometimes brought along their wives, children and foreign friends. Just imagine how happy they are going to be to get something home!


St Michael's scouts are putting up the banner promoting our school drama. The tower which was constructed for a scout gathering yesterday(Saturday) will be left untouched to ensure that the banner has a place for display.
The main sponsor this year is Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad (KLK) and standing behind solidly in ensuring the success of the play are PIBG chairman Mr Joseph Michael Lee and his committee, OMA president Mr Adrian Tsen and his committee, the students, their parents and of course the teachers.


St Michael's has fixed three evenings of excitement, thrills and fun-filled moments.
Come 9, 10 and 11 July 2010, at 7.45pm, Ipoh folks will again be entertained with the messages of courage, comradeship and acceptance.
For details, remember to email:
Tickets at RM20 and RM50 each.